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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2 2020 - 2021

Summer 2

Summer 1

Year 2 children have been very brave and stood up in front of class to read the poems they have written.

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In Science, Year 2 have been exploring living things and their habitats. They have been super creative and made their own shoe box habitats. Have a look at some of the fantastic work.

Year 2 have made their own fabric butterflies by sewing and decorating using sequins and other materials. We are all really proud of our work.

The children have been practising running stich for when they come to attach the details onto their fabric butterfly.

The children used role play to recreate different freeze frames to show how Mole was feeling in our class text 'The Wind in the Willows'

The children used the puppets to retell the rhyme or story they have been focusing on in Guided Reading.

Spring 2


Welcome back Year 2. We are currently still working remotely but that will not stop our fantastic attitudes and learning. Please continue working as hard as you have been and I will hopefully see all your smiley faces back in the classroom soon. 

Easter Activities

Year 2 enjoyed making their healthy fruit salad and eating it.

The children had a go at making their own fruit salad using knives safely developing their cutting skills.

Aimee's super farm challenge

The children have been looking at different fruits and vegetables and where these grow. In DT, the children have been challenged to make their own healthy fruit salad so we had a good at tasting different fruit so we could identify what we like and what we did not like.

Year 2's Snow Day Challenge Winners

Remote Learning

Due to the national lock down many children are remote learning. All work will be posted via Microsoft Teams. Please email me if you are not sure of your login or have any issues. Live Teams lessons will take place daily followed by an activity for the children to complete just like they would normally do in school. A member of our class team will be available to answer any questions you may have during school hours via email or via Teams. Mrs Holt, Miss Fennel and I will try our best to respond quickly between 8 am and 4:30 pm. Everyday children need to be accessing Reading Eggs for Guided Reading. Task has been assigned to them. Also spending a short amount of time on Mathletics will be beneficial. Please email if you need your logins or any of these however all children have them in their home reading records. 


Remote learning is statutory and all children should be accessing the live Teams lessons and completing the activities set daily. These then can be sent to our class team to be marked. It is really important that your children continue their education whilst we are in this national lockdown for their own educational development. Please do not hesitate to contact myself, Mrs Holt ( or Miss Fennell ( if you have any questions or concerns. 




Sam's science experiment demonstrating how different drink affect your teeth.

Welcome back Year 2.

I hope you've all had a lovely and well rested half term. 


You will find your remote learning on Microsoft Teams. For today's work you will be exploring compound words in Literacy, odd and even numbers in Maths and different feelings and how to help someone with their feelings in PSHE. 


See you Wednesday!

Happy Half Term.

I have had a lovely half term getting to know and supporting everyone in my class and their families. I really hope you all have a lovely break and try to relax.

Back to remote learning to keep us safe! 


It is such a shame that we can't spend the last two days of our first half term together but we will be back in the classroom in no time. I will add work to the our Microsoft Team but I will also add work to the class page during term time to support your home learning if you are struggling to access Teams. I am going to be doing some online teaching via Teams. You can also continue to access Reading Eggs, Mathletics and Fast Phonics. I will be in contact over the next two days to check in and see how everyone is. Please feel free to contact me via email if you do have any questions or concerns.


Stay safe. :)

23rd October


Today's remote learning will be on Teams. I have scheduled in to meet at 9:30am for Literacy and 11:00am for Maths. Join me for these sessions before completing todays remote tasks posted on Teams. There is also a PSHE task to complete. Please email me if you are struggling to access Teams and I will try to help the best I can.


We have been learning about Harvest and why we celebrate it.

As a class we learnt a Harvest Song called 'It's Harvest Time'. 

We also wrote our own acrostic Harvest Poems. Take a look below at some examples.



In PSHE we have been thinking about how people express their feeling in different ways and how we can support people in a positive way. 


The children had to guess what emotion the selected people where expressing and identify similarities and difference in their body language and facial expressions.


The children used role play to show how they express different emotions and identified how they could respond in a positive way and how they should not respond.



I have seen some great engagement and fantastic work this week but Samuel you have gone above and beyond this week! Well done Samuel!

Last Day of remote learning!

I cannot wait to see you all in the classroom on Monday.

Take a look at some of the fantastic work that has been produced at home.

Two more school days to go. I am looking forward to seeing all your smiley faces on Monday.

Great work produced yesterday.

Half way through our second week self isolating, that means another day closer to being back in the classroom. 


Today we are going to use our learning from yesterday in Literacy and create some expanded noun phrases to describe a picture, crack the secret code to work out the addition questions in Maths, spell some words using the alternative 'ay' sounds for Guided Reading and explore the five oceans of the world in Geograpy. Hope you have fun!

Super remote learning from Day 7

Another day down ... 4 more to go!

Today we are going to focus on nouns and adjectives in our Literacy, challenge ourselves with finding one more or one less than a given number in Maths, collect as many golden eggs as we can on Reading Eggspress and explore seasons in the UK with a fun science quiz! 

What super work I have received today. I really enjoyed reading about your hope, dreams and aspirations as well as seeing some super problem solving skills. Your invented words and definitions were great! I hope you enjoyed celebrating Roald Dahl day. Thank you to those children who are engaging with remote learning and are doing a fantastic job! Have a look below at some of the children's work.

One more week to go Year 2 and we will be back in the classroom!

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. Lets keep up the fantastic work that I saw last week.

Please remember to send me your work via email to


Children's Achievements

Roald Dahl was one of the best children’s authors of all time.

To commemorate him and his achievements, Roald Dahl Story Day happens every year on his birthday - September 13th - celebrating the magic that he brought and continues to bring to children everywhere.

As we do not go to school on a Sunday we can celebrate his achievements today by linking our learning to a story he wrote. We are going to focus on The BFG. He wrote The BFG in 1982. Can you work out how many years ago he wrote The BFG?

Click on the picture below to watch the original trailer.


Shooting Star 

Even though we have not been in the classroom I have seen some great work from children who are engaging with remote learning. This week I have chosen Harriet and Lottie as my shooting stars as they have completed all remote learning everyday. Well done!

Year 2 got off to a brilliant start last week! It was lovely to meet you all. 


Circumstances mean we've had to return to remote learning for a short time but I'm sure the fantastic attitude to learning that Year 2 showed me last week will not let anything get in the way. Each day we'll have a new literacy, guided reading, maths and topic activity to complete. Please email me at with your completed work and any questions you might have. Just as in school I'm here to help. Stay safe and I will see you all very soon back in the classroom!


 Mrs Baron

Remote Learning - Letter to parents

Children's Achievements

Well Year 2, we are on our final day or our first week in self-isolation. One more week to go! It won't be long before we are back in the classroom altogether. I am looking forward to seeing plenty more of the great work that is being produced at home. Have a lovely weekend!

It is lovely to see children working hard whilst they are at home.

I am looking forward to seeing some more fantastic work being produced at home today. 

Please continue to email me your work at

Day 3 of remote learning already - we are half way through the week. 

We will be back in class before we know it Year 2. I have received some great work from children. Keep it up :)

Some more fab work from children's remote learning.

Please remember to email your work to me.

Some of the great work produced today

Still image for this video
Well done to those who have engaged with their remote learning and sent it to me via email.

Autumn 1 Curriculum jigsaw

A sneak preview of your Year 2 classroom.

Still image for this video

I hope you have all had a lovely summer! 

Myself, Mrs Holt and Miss Fennell are excited to be welcoming you back to school next Wednesday. We cannot wait to see you! As you can see our classroom is very nearly ready and hopefully you are too. Please keep your eye on our class page as we will be updating it regularly to communicate information and share what we have been doing in class. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to speak to myself or another member of staff from Year 2. You can also contact me by email,


Mrs Baron

Welcome to Year 2 Letter

             Looking back on Year 2 2019 - 2020

Mrs Hill, Miss Birkett and Mrs Rothwell are always super proud of the work and effort that you have been putting in. These certificates are just a few of the examples of the hard work you have given us. Keep it up !

Love from Mrs Rothwell

Well Mrs Rothwell has been a dozy duck! I apologise now that some people who have worked really, really hard on Reading Eggs haven't got any certificates yet! This is because I didn't realise that there were two different types. So here we are a super special well done goes to William with a bronze, Ellie with 3 bronzes, Toby with a bronze, Lucy with 3 bronzes, Sophia with 2 bronzes, Olivia with a bronze and last but no means least Jake with a bronze!

Well this week has seen some outstanding work on Mathletics with Luke getting not one but 2 bronze cerificates. William has added another bronze to his collection. Etty has wowed with 2 bronzes AND a silver. Finally Jake has been extra amazing by getting the full set BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD!Reading Eggs champions are Luke, William and Eddie. Alice has collected over 1000 yes 1000 eggs!!!

This week’s certificates are going to Etty with a Bronze and a Silver for Mathletics. Also Jack achieved a Gold and William a Silver certificate for Reading Egg quizzes! Well done guys. Super proud of you. Click on the PDF below to see them.

Good morning gang! I just thought I would add a picture In case you had forgotten me! This is my beautiful family who I know you have all seen in school at one time or another! I am missing you all lots and hope we get back together soon xxx

Drum roll is time for Mrs Rothwell to present your certificates that you have worked so hard to achieve. Well done !

The end of our first day back! 9 of you sent answers to the daily challenge, don't worry if you've not sent yours yet- you've got until tomorrow morning. Well done to those who have completed the allocated lesson on Reading Eggs, there will be another lesson waiting for you tomorrow. Mrs Egan has added a powerpoint to the Rights Respecting School area of the website; have a look! I hope it hasn't felt too strange getting back into your home learning and I hope you have completed your tasks without too much moaning! I've had to jolly Georgia and Lucas along a bit today, they had definitely enjoyed the last couple of weeks! Time to enjoy the sunshine again now, until tomorrow. Take care!

Summer term

Good morning Year 2, welcome to the start of the Summer term. Not how we would ever have expected to start a new term. I really hope you and your families are safe and well. What have you been doing over the Easter break? I'm really missing all your news this morning and you making me jealous by telling me how many Easter eggs you got! I've enjoyed spending time with my family over the last two weeks. The weather has been wonderful so we've had lots of opportunities to eat in the garden and take Flynn on some lovely walks. We're very lucky as we've got woods and the canal just a few minutes walk from our front door. It's been amazing listening to the birds singing and looking at the trees coming into bud; these things often go unnoticed when we are so busy.

Have a look at our activities for this week. We are going to write a story about Peak Dale Farm using the characters we learnt about in class and I'd like you to get creative with some junk modelling using skills we practised making moon buggies.

For your Literacy today have a look at the photo of Peak Dale Farm and write a list of noun phrases you could use when writing about the setting. Maths is looking at multiplication facts on Purple Mash and you have an allocated reading lesson on Reading Eggs.

We will be continuing with our daily challenges; fast fingers ready!

Today's challenge:

I have 15p to spend on vegetables.

Carrots are 2p each, corn is 3p each, peppers are 5p each and onions are 10p each. What different combinations of vegetables could you buy? Try to find as many combinations as you can; I would like you to email me at least 4 combinations.

Peak Dale Farm

Well, we've reached the end of term! Not the way we ever thought we would finish Spring 2 but we've made the best of it. It's been truly amazing to be in touch with so many of you over these two weeks and seeing what amazing activities you've been doing. I know you will have a wonderful break with your families and now it's my turn to spend quality time with Georgia and Lucas. Over the next two weeks please keep reading, remember you have got access to countless books on Reading Eggs. Well done to Edward, Freddie and Luke who have completed their allocated lessons. After Easter there will be a lesson allocated every weekday for you to complete.

Although we are not all in school this week, a lot of good learning has been happening both in our homes and at school.  Well done to all children who have completed tasks set online this week.  We would like to keep our weekly awards up and running and so we will now have "Virtual Shooting Star" every Friday!


In Year 2, our Virtual Shooting Star of the week is Freddie for an amazing powerpoint to accompany his self-portrait work.


Freddie's incredible art work

Stay safe Year 2. I'll be back online ready to start the new term on Monday 20th April.

Just so you know, the person in the lead for our daily challenge so far is number 12! Get exercising those finger muscles over the holidays to see if you can knock that person off the top spot!


Take care

Mrs Hill

Our self-portraits. Can you guess who?

Congratulations to all of you working so hard in your new classroom! I have the pleasure of showing all the certificates you have been awarded on Mathletics and Reading Eggs. Love from Mrs Rothwell

Friday 3rd April

Good morning!

We have made it to the last day of our second week apart. Are you enjoying this new way of learning? One more day of set activities then we will be having the same break that we would have had if we were in school.


Your tasks for today are


Online: Purple Mash ‘Topics’, Space, Neil Armstrong- complete online task. Use the wordlist to check your spellings. Save to your folder.


Look for your Maths group so you know which word problems to solve.


Our daily challenge is really hotting up! Some of you are getting very competitive! Another code-cracking task today as I know you enjoyed that last week. I'll give you a clue; think about a story we read early in Year 2.


Another day of us being apart is done, is it starting to feel more normal yet? It still feels strange at my end but I'm loving seeing your work that you are emailing. We've only got one more day of home learning before the break for the Easter holiday, I've been busy doing thinking up some wonderful learning activities for us to do after the two week break.


Thankfully, my emails were working again for me to get your answers to today's riddle and then it's been amazing to see some of you using that as a starting point and creating your own activities. Look at our pictures to see what others have been up to.


Enjoy the rest of the day, until tomorrow!

Mrs Hill

Look how well our plants are growing, Harry Potter is there so you can see how tall they are 🙂

Thursday 2nd April

Good morning Year 2. I hope you are all well and ready to start a new day. I really miss all your chatter and the things you come to tell me in the mornings. It's been really lovely reading the emails you are sending me; I keep checking them through the day and it's the first thing I do when I turn my laptop on. Yesterday afternoon I wasn't able to access my emails as the site was down and I've just tried now and it's not working again, oh no! I promise I will keep checking and reply to you as soon as possible.


Your tasks for today are:


Online: Purple Mash ‘Topics’, Plants, Plants and animals- complete online task. Use the wordlist to check your spellings. Can you use a range of adjectives to make your writing more interesting? Save to your folder.


Use the arrays you created yesterday to write division (sharing) facts.

Eg. / / / /    8 ÷ 2 = 4

      / / / /    8 ÷ 4 = 2


Some of you have already sent your self-portraits and it's been amazing that other members of your families are also joining in!


Today's challenge!

I will upload the points score but if you have emailed the answer and I have not been able to respond I will add your points later.

Another riddle today as it made me laugh so much when you were emailing "I'm a carrot"!

My transport is a boat.

My teeth are often crooked or missing.

I love jewels and gold.

My pet is a parrot.

What am I?


Have a good day, keep in touch

Mrs Hill

The end of another day! It's rained here today, I'm not used to that!


At the moment I can't access my emails (the site is down) so if you have emailed me this afternoon and I haven't replied dont' worry, I'm not ignoring you! I'll reply as soon as possible.


I've spent some time this afternoon on Reading Eggs and (hopefully) I've set a task for you to do tomorrow. Fingers crossed it works!


How are your plants growing? I've enjoyed receiving photos from some of you showing me how well yours are growing. It will be interesting to see whether you predicted which plant it would be correctly. The ones I brought home are doing well on my windowsill, when it is not frosty overnight I will plant them outside.


Have a look at some of the amazing work you have been doing at home:

Wednesday 1st April...........April Fool's Day!

No playing tricks on your family smiley


Well done to everyone who answered yesterday's riddle correctly, it kept me entertained getting all the emails saying "I'm a carrot"! We had the highest number so far taking part yesterday so keep it up. If you are in contact with friends from our class check that they are taking part too.


Your tasks for today:


Online: Purple Mash ‘Topics’, Plants, Growing plants- complete online task. Use the wordlist to check your spellings. Save to your folder.


Draw arrays to show multiplications for patterns of 2, 3, 5 and 10.

Eg. x x x x     4 x 2 = 8

     x x x x

Practise reciting the multiplication facts.

I'm looking forward to seeing some interesting objects used for your arrays! Remember, your array has to have equal numbers in each row and column.


Some of you have already emailed your Art self-portraits, I will upload these at the end of the week. Don't forget your weather activity as well.


Onto today's challenge......who will be first off the mark today?


I have 12 bones to share equally between my dogs.

How many dogs might I have and how many bones would they each get?


Find as many different combinations as you can.

Goodbye for today!

I've really enjoyed looking at the different things you are busy doing at home. Alice has been making soap, Leighton has made a shop to help his sister with her home learning and Olivia and Sophia have been learning to play the recorder. It's lovely that you are finding different ways to keep busy and you will be learning so many amazing skills.



Tuesday 31st March

Good morning Year 2, here we are for another day of our home learning. Your tasks for today are as follows:



Online: Purple Mash ‘Topics’, Plants, All about germination- complete online task. Use the wordlist to check your spellings. Save to your folder.


Choose two 2-digit numbers and subtract the smaller number from the larger number by partitioning. Remember (eg. 57-34):

  • Partition the numbers
  • Subtract the tens (50-30=20)
  • Subtract the units (7-4=3)
  • Add the total of tens to the total of units (20+3=23)

Don't forget your Art task and weather recording as well as the tasks Mrs Rothwell has set on Purple Mash.


It is lovely to see the different activities you are doing with your families at this time as well. At our house we have ordered a badminton set for the garden; yesterday the rackets and shuttlecocks arrived so me and Lucas spent half an hour in the garden practising.


I have uploaded our points chart from yesterday; which position are you in? You have to be quick off the mark as there are some fast fingers out there! Our challenge for today is a riddle:

I am a snowman’s nose,

And a reindeer’s Christmas Eve treat.

I’m good to eat, but crunchy when raw;

Bugs Bunny’s favourite.

What am I?


Have a good day, keep in touch!

Mrs Hill

How many points did you get yesterday?

Monday, well that's the end of end of another day. It's felt really strange for me as I've been working at home (most of you have had a week to get used to it!)

More of you have emailed your answers for the daily challenge today, I'll upload the points chart tomorrow morning so you've still got time to email your answer.

Mrs Rothwell has set you some tasks on Purple Mash so have a look for those!

Looking forward to hearing from you tomorrow,

Mrs Hill

Look how busy you have been!

Monday 30th March

Good morning Year 2, I hope you all had a good weekend.

We are ready to start Week 2 of our home learning time.

Today's Literacy

Online: Purple Mash ‘Word Work Year 2’: Adverb Quiz- complete online game

Writing: use the adverbs from the quiz in sentences of your own. Can you use the adverbs at the beginning of some of the sentences? Remember to start your sentences with capital letters and end with the correct punctuation.

Today's Maths

Choose two 2-digit numbers (with a unit no larger than 5) and add them together by partitioning. Remember (eg. 45+23):

  • Partition the numbers
  • Add the tens (40+20=60)
  • Add the units (5+3=8)

Add the total of tens to the total of units (60+8=68)

It was so nice to see the work you have completed at home and I loved the emails I got from you during the week. I'm working from home this week (I was in school last week with a couple of our class) so this week Lucas will find out what I'm really like as a teacher! Georgia is able to complete her work on her own as she gets it sent to her directly from each of her high school teachers.

I have attached the Week 2 Literacy and Maths activities and thought it would be nice for you to get creative with some Art activities and also some recording about our weather.

We will continue with our daily competition but the scores have been reset as Thursday and Friday last week were our practice runs. Remember, when you email your first answer I will tell you your pupil number so you can keep track of your score. I will warn you though, there was one member of the class who was quick off the mark both days so you need to be quick! You will earn 5 points for being the first to email the correct answer, 4 points for being the second person, 3 points for being the third person and 2 points for everyone else who emails the correct answer before the next day's challenge is posted. Good luck!


Today's challenge:

I have 30p in my purse. All the coins are the same value. What coins could I have and how many of each coin?


Looking forward to hearing from you today!

Mrs Hill

Well, we have reached the end of our first week apart. It has felt very strange but I have loved looking at the work you are completing at home and also seeing photos of things you are doing with your families. We have certainly been very lucky with the weather this week, fingers crossed it continues. I am really proud of how you have tackled your learning at home and I'm sure you have impressed your parents with your knowledge and skills as well.

Those of you who were in last week took home some of the plants that are growing from the seeds we sorted and planted. I took the rest home yesterday so will take photos so you can see how they are growing over the next few weeks. It would be lovely to see how yours are growing too.

Although we are not all in school this week, a lot of good learning has been happening both in our homes and at school.  Well done to all children who have completed tasks set online this week.  We would like to keep our weekly awards up and running and so we will now have "Virtual Shooting Star" every Friday!


In Year 2, our Virtual Shooting Star of the week is Jack for being ready for his learning every day.

I will post next week's activity grid over the weekend, for now enjoy your weekend. 

Take care, looking forward to hearing from you soon

Mrs Hill

Amazing work from today!

Friday 27th March

Good morning everyone. We're on the last day of our first week apart; I'm loving the pictures and messages you are sending daily.

Yesterday's challenge answer was 31p, well done to everyone who entered. Today's challenge is attached, some code cracking for you! I've also added the points chart so far. If you didn't enter yesterday please enter today to earn some points. Remember, you will be given your pupil number when you send your first answer so you know where you are on the chart.

Have a great day

Mrs Hill

Friday's challenge and points so far

Some amazing work completed yesterday, keep it up!

That's all for today!

Some of you have sent your answers for today's problem; if you haven't yet emailed your answer you have got until 8am tomorrow morning when I will upload the points chart and set the next challenge.


We've enjoyed another day of sunshine here. We started with our Joe Wick's workout then did some outdoor sports with Mrs Walls. After dinner we had some home learning time before more outdoor fun.


I hope you are all well and enjoying time with your families, but I miss you all!


Check in again tomorrow,

Mrs Hill

You are sending pictures of some amazing home learning that you are keeping busy with.

Thursday 26th March

Good morning Year 2, we have another beautiful sunny day! I know some of you have been enjoying the sunshine (at a safe distance) so keep in touch and let me know what you are up to. Before coming to school every morning Lucas comes with me on a run to take Flynn out and it gives us our daily exercise outdoors.


Something a bit different now......I know you love a bit of competition so we're going to have a class competition that will build up over each week. These 2 days will be a practice run! Each morning I will put a problem/ riddle on our class page. The first person to email the correct answer will receive 5 points, the second person to email the correct answer will receive 4 points, the third person to email the correct answer will receive 3 points and everyone else who emails the correct answer will receive 2 points. You have been allocated a pupil number (1-27) at random and when you email your first answer I will tell you what your pupil number is. Sophia and Olivia, I have given you a joint number as I didn't want to cause any arguments at home! Each day I will upload our points chart so you can see who's in the lead at the moment. Currently your prize is pride! But, there will be prizes when we return to school. Let's see if this works!


Today's problem:

I have £1 to spend in the shop. I buy a loaf of bread that costs 43p and an apple that costs 26p. How much change do I have left?



Wednesday 25th March

Good morning!

I hope you’re all well and ready for your tasks today. You need to access Purple Mash again for your Literacy and Maths. Hopefully it will work; we didn’t have any issues with it yesterday.

Parents; please note these are activities that the children should be able to complete independently. You will be able to complete these at a time that suits your needs, we are in very strange times and there is a lot for families to deal with at the moment.

We have been practising our joined handwriting in class. If you want to carry on practising you can use the website Your child will be able to tell you where we are up to! Also Phonics Play has some amazing phonics games; how long will your parents let you play the pirate music?

Keep yourselves safe

Mrs Hill

Wonderful work! Lovely to see who is keeping busy.

Signing off for today!

We have enjoyed a Zumba session today (even Mrs Hill, Mrs Egan and Mrs Holt joined in!) then lots of fun in the sunshine at a safe distance from each other.

Catch up tomorrow!

Mrs Hill

Well done to the busy workers at home!

Goodbye for today…… Hopefully you are all well and keeping yourselves busy.

We’ve had lots of fun out in the playground today; lots of sports and outdoor arts. If you’re able to, make sure you get some fresh air through the day.

It has been lovely to see photos of work you are doing at home, apologies if I have not been able to attach a copy onto the webpage but we’ve had some technological issues (you know Mrs Hill is not good with technology!)

I will check in with you again tomorrow morning.

Mrs Hill

Something else to keep you busy! Hopefully you've started to look after your seed.

We have been reading a story called 'Valentine's Day' in Literacy. We created our own settings for our stories and used the character, Anna, to help with our position and direction work in Maths.

We went dippy at Dippy!

We had a fantastic session with Kylie from PDSA. Some of us were lucky enough to practise being vets!

We have started making our moon buggies! Today we covered the boxes and bottles ready for assembling and painting tomorrow. Thank you to all the parents who sent in boxes and bottles!

'Share a story' Thank you to the parents and family members who came to our 'Share a story' session. We had a lovely time sharing some of the books from our reading area then we all listened to the next chapter of our class story 'The penguin who wanted to find out'.

Happy New Year!

It's lovely to see the children back and we've already had a good start to the term. Lots of exciting things planned to keep us busy.

We have used lots of skills to make our Christmas puppets; we could choose a reindeer, a snowman, a robin, an angel or Father Christmas.

We had a wonderful time at our Christmas party; dancing, games and party food!

In Art we worked with a partner to investigate what colours we could make by mixing primary colours together.

We had a visit from our local Firefighters who taught us about Fire Plans for our homes.

During Anti-Bullying week we talked about how our actions affect other people. In PSHE we considered ways of dealing with different situations. We worked hard to show ways of being kind to others.

We had a wonderful afternoon with Sue from Warburtons learning about healthy foods. We made our own sandwiches and had to include a range of colours!

We have had an amazing morning with Martin, an illustrator. He has taught us how to draw people as they move during a sporting activity, how to make flip animations, how to make x-ray pictures and how to draw animals and objects using familiar shapes as a starting point.

Have a look at what we are learning about in Autumn 2.

Have a look at our timetable for this half term, please remember this is not set in stone!

For our cross-curricular Maths day we have been using left and right in directions, writing directions for our journeys to school, locating places using co-ordinates on a map of Katie Morag's Isle of Struay and drawing our own maps of the Isle of Struay.

This week we were lucky enough to have Gemma visit our class from 'Little Zoo to You'. She showed us some amazing animals and told us about their habitat. Some of our class will be taking part in her after school club after half-term.

We celebrated Language Day on 26th September. We went to different classrooms to learn about France, Italy and Germany. With Mrs Ewens we learnt about Paris and completed some artwork in the style of Monet. With Mrs Dixon we learnt about Italy and made some delicious pizzas and with Mrs Hill we learnt about Germany and practised a German folk dance.

On Wednesday 25th September we welcomed some parents and family members to our Welcome Meeting. We had lots of fun playing Maths games and reading books together.

Autumn 1 homework based on last year's Robots topic. Spellings will be given out next week.

On Roald Dahl Day (13th September) we had lots of fun dressed as our favourite character. We used different resources to measure the Giant's footprints and carried on with our class story; The BFG.

Here is a copy of our Welcome letter. It would be lovely to see you on Wednesday 25th September.