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26.2.21 Remote Learning

As we're an Eco-School, we're going to be having a day of looking at eco-issues, starting with looking at plastic pollution in the oceans. This morning, can you read the information below to pluck out the facts about this problem?

Eco-Schools literacy - I am learning to write a report about plastic pollution.

Waste plastic is a huge problem for the environment - we're going to explore how.

On PurpleMash, you've a new 2Do. We're going to set out a report all about what plastic pollution is and what it does.


For a report, we'll need subheadings. We can break this report down into 4 main points, which will be your subheadings;


What is plastic pollution?


What causes it?


What damage does it do?


How can we prevent it?


The first should be a quick overview, introducing the topic - imagine someone had never heard of plastic pollution before and wanted to quickly know what it was and why it matters.


The next 3 should be a bit more in depth. There are lots of resources we can use (and you should know a bit already from your reading!), but Newsround has lots of great videos and information that we can use to answer these questions and, more importantly, inform the reader - that's the purpose of this text type.


'What's the problem with plastic?' -

Sir David Atttenborough - 'The world is waking up to plastic damage.' -

School kids tell big companies to tackle plastic pollution -

The girls grilling supermarkets about plastic -


This work will be going on display - so we need best effort!

Maths investigation - the Decatree

Sticking with our nature theme, we've one of my favourite maths investigations which is great at testing that place value knowledge - the Decatree! See above for the activity. To get started, think about these questions...

How many leaves are there on ten twigs?
How many leaves did the Deca Tree have before the woodcutter came along?
How many leaves did the woodcutter chop off each time?


After that, we're testing our understanding of division with the remainders - the computer will guess a number. Click on a times table, and the computer will tell you there are any remainders if you divide its number by it. Click the purple cog and select 'level 1' to start with! Send me a screenshot of your scores!

Art - animal collages

Two choices for art today, one a bit more complicated than the other. Both involved endangered African animals - you can choose an elephant, rhino, gorilla, giraffe, Ethiopian wolf, even a pangolin! As long as it's in Africa and endangered. The first choice is an African sunset collage.


For this, you need to rip layers of different coloured paper like this and put in in layers:


For the top layer, we're drawing, then cutting around a black silhouette of our chosen animal (here's an example with a giraffe) and place it on top:


The second choice is a digital art collage - we're recreating a collage of an animal's habitat - you need to select the 'poly mosaic' option on your new 2do:


Then you need to move the slider so the pieces are smaller.

Here, I've started the most artistic palm tree you've ever seen. Can you recreate an endangered animal in its habitat?