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Rights Respecting School

All children are right holders and adults are duty bearers (responsible for making sure children's rights are realised). Do you know what all of the Articles explaining children's rights are? Have a look here at a simple outline of each article in easy to understand language;

School Charter


Every class in school talks together at the start of each year to decide on what rules they should have to ensure that everyone can learn and be happy.  These rules are put into Class Charters and linked to the CRC Articles where appropriate.  School Council then gather the most important rules from each class and collaborate them together to create a Whole School Charter.

Look at how we are supporting the Articles in school!

To help learn more about what your rights are, have a look at these card games (click on the links to download the cards and instructions). If you play any of the games, please email Mrs Egan or Mrs Rothwell pictures and details of what you did and what you thought of it.  


Good luck!



Have a look at the link above listing all of the Children's Right Articles.  

Which rights do you think are most important to you?  

Which are most important to us as a school?  

Can you list your top ten rights for Northern and explain why you have chosen them?  

What should adults & children in/around school do to ensure each right is upheld?


Write your ideas down in an eye-catching and interesting way, either as a poster or a leaflet or even a PowerPoint!  Get creative and good luck!

Where can we see our rights in school?

Class Values and Children's Rights

We try to link what we do at Northern to the rights of children wherever we can.  At the start of the year, each class comes up with a charter or list of values that they will try to work and live by within the school community.  Many of these values link to the articles highlighting children's rights and we show this by displaying them in our classrooms.

Now that we have been awarded the SILVER status as a Rights Respecting School, staff and pupils will now be working at maintaining this level and at the same time, striving towards gaining the next award....GOLD!  To gain this award we must ensure that at the heart of everything we do at Northern we are aware of and are addressing the rights of the children as set out by the United Nations.  


There are over 40 rights set out by the United Nations Convention, known as ARTICLES, which apply to all the children in the world, not just the UK.  These Articles are believed, by the UN, to be the things that a child would need in his/her life in order to become a happy, healthy and well rounded member and contributor of society.  To see a full list of the Articles, please click on the web link below.  


At Northern, the majority of what we do naturally and automatically addresses some of the UN Articles, we just need to show awareness of how and when.  For example, certain displays around school will now show the RRS logo, highlighting which Articles the work or display is linked to.  Staff will link their planning to the Articles when relevant and the Governors and relevant staff will link plans for the school and school policies to the Articles.  Certain assemblies and theme days (e.g. Christmas Jumper Day) will also relate to certain Articles, particularly those that reach beyond our own school community.  You may have noticed posters up around school and in classrooms showing some of the Articles and hopefully teachers will be making their classes more aware of the Articles that are most relevant to them.  


Working towards the silver award is something that will progress and develop over time as the Articles are something that our staff, pupils and whole school community will need to become more familiar with in order to ensure that we make the right progress - a challenge that Northern is more ready to take on!