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Summer 2 week 7 Wednesday

End of another day! I have been in school today and we have been busy. We tried the plank challenge which is so hard- no one beat Mrs Egan’s daughters 8 minute achievement. I took a picture of us whilst doing it which is on the gallery- have a go if you haven’t already! Have a good evening... I think we are going to try and get some fresh air but only if it stops raining! 

Mrs Dixon

Good morning everyone, I’m back in school today so will be seeing some of you later. Well done to Harriet yesterday who painted a feather- my challenge of the day. It is on the gallery.... brilliant! Enjoy your work today... writing about what a setting is, time work and sports. I managed to set a few activities up in the garden yesterday- Edward can’t hop and Toby needs to practise his handstands 😀... I watched 😂

I am going to try and paint the school wooden toadstools before Friday if it doesn’t rain ☔️ If any of you have any tubes, planks or pallets For the outside area I would appreciate them. Challenge today... how long can you hold the position ‘The plank’- arms bent on the ground and your body straight. Mrs Egan’s daughter managed 8 minutes- crazy 😜 let me know how long you manage!