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Thursday Week 4

The end of another day! I don't know about in Weir, but here it has been raining most of the afternoon. You may need some indoor physical activities if you can't get outside as much. Have a look on for different 10 minute physical activities. I'm glad me and Lucas took Flynn out this morning while the sun was shining, it's Mr Hill and Georgia's turn tonight in the rain!

Well done to those of you who have completed today's challenge, look at your scores tomorrow to see if you are getting closer to number 12!

I've been checking on our caterpillars throughout the day; the one on the underside of the lid is still there but nothing has happened so far.

Enjoy your evening

Mrs Hill

Good morning Year 2.

The sun is shining but it's very breezy here (that would be a good symbol to add to your weather diary), I've hung my washing out on the washing line but I think I'll have to keep checking none of it has blown away!


I'm getting excited watching our caterpillars. One of them is spending a lot of time on the lid of the pot; that is where they go when they build their chrysalis. I'll keep watching and will let you know if anything happens. You could do some research about the life cycle of a caterpillar for an extra activity, I'd love to see what you find out!


Are you keeping track of your score on our daily challenge? Can anybody knock number 12 off the top spot? You need to be quick!

Today's challenge:

Fill in the missing words

There are 60 s............ in 1 m.................

There are 60 m........... in 1 h.................

There are 24 h ........... in 1 d ................

There are 7 d............... in 1 w ...............


Your tasks today are working out change for Maths and there is an RE activity for today as well. For Literacy, as on Tuesday, ask a grown-up to write down the times you will need to pause the clip. Don't forget you've got an allocated lesson on Reading Eggs as well.


Have a good day

Mrs Hill