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There are four different types of sentences. These are statement, questions, command and exclamation. Each sentence type has their own rules regarding punctuation.


Statements end with a full stop.                                            .

Questions need a question mark.                                           ?

Commands can end with a full stop or an exclamation.                . !

Exclamations end with exclamation marks.                                  !


Take a look at the explanations below.

Have a look at these sentences. Can you identify the type of sentence it is?

Write each of the sentences below using a different colour for each sentence type.

For example;


Cars have 4 wheels.                                   This sentence is a statement.

Can you pass me the butter please?              This sentence is a question.

Put your chairs under your table.                               This sentence is a command.

What amazing children Year 2 are!                This sentence is a exclamation.


  1. When is the bus driver due to arrive
  2. Fill the tub with water
  3. Elephants have long trunks
  4. What a nice surprise to see you
  5. Put your rubbish in the bin
  6. How many people are having sandwiches today
  7. How old are you
  8. The girl was running


How many statements did you find? _________

How many questions did you find? __________

How many commands did you find? _________

How many exclamations did you find? _______




Look through a reading book and find two examples of a;

  1. Statement
  2. Question
  3. Command
  4. Exclamation