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Week 5 Monday

It's home time! I can say that today as I've been in school. I've been ringing round some families to check you're OK, it was so nice to chat with some of you although I know you're not normally that quiet or shy in school!


I've had fun today, the children have been painting bunting for VE Day celebrations and I've been challenged by one of the Year 3 boys to tennis matches- Mrs Hill remains victorious!


I'm looking forward to going home and checking on our caterpillars.


Have a good evening,

Mrs Hill

Good morning, it's Monday again. I hope you have all had a lovely weekend, we have been quite lucky with the weather again so hopefully you have been able to exercise outdoors.


It's a bit different for me today as I'm in school! I haven't been out of my village for a few weeks so it is good to get a change of scene and I'm looking forward to seeing some Northern faces. It may take me a little longer to reply to emails but I promise I will do it when I get chance.


I have been checking our caterpillars every few minutes over the weekend; Georgia and Lucas have been checking too! I really thought I would be able to tell you there was a chrysalis this morning, sadly there isn't yet. I think our caterpillars are enjoying the food too much!


Your tasks today are outlined in the Week 5 overview section. For Literacy you will need to cast your mind back to our unit on Instructions; try to remember what imperative verbs are. Maths (BBC Bitesize) is looking at number families and there is a History lesson about a famous person. Don't forget your Reading Eggs lesson.


Today's challenge:

What shape am I? I have 5 faces of 2 different shapes, 5 vertices and 8 edges.


Have a good day

Mrs Hill