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Monday 14th December

Look at the fantastic home learning that has taken place.


LO: I am learning to investigate and discuss ways equipment can be used to play a game.


Can you play a game with your family, this could be your parents, grandparents, brothers or sisters depending who is around you. The game can be a game you have played before or you could make a new game up. Balloons can be fun to make games up with. Think about what you need to play that game and how you play it. Imagine you are explaining to someone who had never played before so you need to think about giving clear instructions. 


If you can take pictures of different parts of the game, for example take a picture every time you would give a new instruction. If you cannot then draw a picture for each step using the storyboard in your resource pack. You will need this to support tomorrows learning. 


Most of all have fun playing or making up a new game. 



LO: I am leaning to describe and compare different amount of time.

Can you name any different amounts of time? 

Join us via Teams to describe and compare different amounts of time.


Your activity for this session is in your resource pack. You must order the different amount of time from the shortest tothe longest.




In DT, the children are making Christmas decorations out of lollipop sticks. 


In your packs you have resources that you need but you may add things from home if you like. 



You can add string to it so you can hang it on your tree. 


Have fun :)



LO: I am learning to think of others at Christmas and understand why this is important.

Use the PSHE PowerPoint on Teams to discuss with your child about their own and others feelings at Christmas.