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Monday Week 4

The end of another day! It's been really lovely receiving the photos you've sent me and Alice even emailed me a video of herself telling me the answer to the daily challenge, it was so nice to 'see' her.

I've been busy working at home, but I really miss all the chatter we normally do! To get ready for Friday's sing-along have a look at this week's song

How have you found the BBC Bitesize lessons? Some of you have emailed pictures of what you have done, please let me know what you think of them.

Mr Hill has just been looking at our caterpillars, I'm sure they've grown even more today and they're certainly very active. Lucas is really interested in the life cycle and has been researching what will happen next.

Until tomorrow, enjoy the rest of the day.

Good morning Year 2, it's Monday. I hope you are all well and ready for a new week of home learning. How did you keep yourselves busy over the weekend? On Saturday I had the good idea of cleaning the outside of the conservatory roof. The temptation to squirt Mr Hill and Lucas was too much at times (Georgia stayed in the safety of her bedroom) but we all had a good laugh! Lucas challenged himself to spend 24 hours outside (apart from using the bathroom) so he's slept in a tent in the garden.

So, this week. I've attached a grid of Literacy activities for the week in the Weekly overview section. Today when you are reading the poem ask an adult to help you understand the unusual words generous, guzzling, mound, rump, puncturing, pliers, guineas. How can you make your poster eye-catching? Use colours and different size letters. The BBC Bitesize Maths today is money, it's been a while since we covered money in class so I hope you can remember what we did! Some of the activities say to be printed, don't worry. I've not got a working printer at home but Lucas was able to continue on-screen last week or I quickly wrote things down for him. The topic work this afternoon on BBC Bitesize is all about Neil Armstrong, we're already experts on that!

Today's challenge.

I'm thinking of a number.

My number is odd, it is lower than 40, it has 3 tens, it is a multiple of 5, when you add the digits together the total is 8.

What is my number?


Have a look at the photos of our caterpillars; they're really growing!


Have a super day, looking forward to hearing from you.

Mrs Hill