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Welcome to Year 3 2020 - 2021

Year 3 got off to a brilliant start to last week, and even though circumstances mean we've had to return to remote learning for a short time I'm sure nothing will get in the way of Year 3 showing their determination and fantastic attitude to learning. Each day we'll have a new literacy, guided reading, maths and topic activity to complete. Please email me at with your completed work and any questions you might have, just as in school I'm here to help. Stay safe and I will see you all very soon back in the classroom!

- Mr Davies



Although we can't be in school right now we still have a Star of the Week to announce, it's my pleasure to announce that due to her fantastic remote learning, the effort she's put in and her positive attitude shining through in a tricky time that Alice is our Star of the Week - congratulations to Alice!

Who will shine brightly next week?

This week has been very difficult to pick a star as I have seen not only great work but brilliant attitudes to learning. The person who stood out a tiny bit more was.......William! Your handwriting really surprised me and your maths work fabulous. But it was definitely the attitude to learning that swung it. 

Well done William!

Amazing news this morning. 

Mr Davies became a daddy to baby Arlo who weighed 7 lb 15 oz (mums like to know this!)

Because of this we are going to let Mr Davies have a little rest and have time to get to know Arlo. Instead of returning any work or messages to him please email to me, Mrs Rothwell (how rude I didn't introduce myself!). My email is

As with Mr Davies contact me about anything.

Finally I'm sure you would like to send your congratulations to Mr Davies and his beautiful family.

Mr Davies and Arlo

Good afternoon and goodbye!

That is it for remote learning and on Monday we are back in the classroom. I can not wait.

Today has been a little quiet but some fantastic work has been sent in. I can't pick anyone out today who has been exceptional as each and everyone of you has been amazing. Also a big shout out to those amazing people at home supporting you with your learning. 

Mrs Rothwell

Good morning year 3!

Last day of remote learning today....hooray we will be back in school on Monday. Today's learning is some spelling activities for literacy, Reading Eggs, Maths is as every Friday, investigative maths and finally PSHE is all about rules.

I hope you have a fantastic day and an even better weekend. It has been an absolute pleasure seeing all your work over the last few days so finish the week with a bang and blow my socks off.

Mrs Rothwell

Well I have had a fabulous day looking at all your work and seeing your fantastic photos. What I found the most interesting was looking at the books that you have been reading, you all have such different tastes.

Well tomorrow will be our last day remotely and we will be back in class on Monday. Have a lovely evening and I will see you in the morning.

Mrs Rothwel





Day 9 out of 10 well that's gone quick. Today in Literacy you are learning about compound words. Maths is continuing with muluplications on Purple Mash . Computer safety- what is it? Find out by watching the videos. I apologise now to parents and carers now if the links do not work and need to be typed into your search bar. Alternatively email me and I will send link .

I wonder how Mr Davies' first night as a parent went ? Don't forget to send your congratulations to him and Arlo.x

Mrs Rothwell

Well what a day! 

I've had a great time looking at all your work and photographs. Mr Davies has given me your work for the rest of the week so you will not miss out. Two more days of Remote Learning and we will be back in school on Monday. I cannot wait. Another special shout out to William who not only finished his work but asked for more!!!!

See you tomorrow guys.

Mrs Rothwell

Halfway through our second week of remote learning already! No time to slow down though, we've got some exciting stuff to be learning about today - in literacy, you can change the entire meaning of a word with one easy trick. What is it? Click the star above to find the secret of suffixes! Carrying on from our history work, we're looking at the diary of a mill worker in guided reading - was it all bad news or did she have reason to be hopeful? Read the text to find out! In maths it's game time - dominoes and memory matching card games! Finally in RE, we take a look at an important figure for Christians (and Judaism, and Islam - he's important in all 3!) - Noah.

We've had another cracking day of remote learning about some tricky ideas, but our brains have proved up to the task! I want to give a special mention to William who sent me a fantastic video on why it's important in literacy to keep an eye on your verb tenses - one tense to make sense! Another special mention to geography expert Luke, who was not tricked by human geography looking like physical geography, correctly identifying reservoirs as a human feature of our area. Good job!

Welcome to day 7 of our temporary remote learning - in literacy, don't be tense, but we're looking at tenses. In guided reading, relax with some fairy tales, while in maths we're getting to grips with the ten times tables and grouping tens together on Mathletics - if you've not got your log in details, email me and I'll get them to you straight away. Last but not least we're continuing our work on the local area by looking at physical and human features of the area. What do we mean by physical and human? Click the star above to find out...

School and our online remote learning don't seem so bad once you realise how tough children in Lancashire had it in the past - the mills might have brought lots of money to the local area, but it cost a lot of children a lot of pain and suffering as they worked in noisy, dangerous conditions all day long. Take a look at our letters and thank your lucky stars that you get to go to school instead!

Welcome to week 2 of our remote learning! In literacy, we're making up some silly sentences with subordinating conjunctions. What are they? Click the literacy link above to find out! In guided reading we've got a fun way to remember this week's spellings and in maths something that will come in handy a lot later - partitioning. In history, we'll be looking at an important part of Bacup's past; the cotton mills. What was life like for those who worked in them? You'll probably be very, very glad to have been born in the 21st century rather than the 19th century after you find out...
We're halfway through our period of remote learning - time flies when you're having fun, and it's been great to see all the fun you've been having! Today you've all really impressed me with your good thinking about how our body has to work together to get a job done - the human brain is more powerful and complicated than the most expensive computer on the planet, but without all the other body parts to support it would be completely useless! No matter how brilliant you are on your own, you can get even more accomplished by working with others. We'll carry on our work together next week! 

Alice has been super busy making bath bombs for her and her brother - some super DT!

Good morning Year 3! We're halfway through our remote learning period, let's keep up the excellent work. Today we're investigating question and exclamation marks in literacy, earning some shiny golden eggs in guided reading (if you don't know your password for ReadingEggs, make sure you email me), solving a puzzle in maths and finding out how our own bodies teach us the value of teamwork and why working together can achieve things we could never accomplish on our own. 

We've been busy today! Not only did we fix some superhero sentences, become marine biologists with our non-fiction ready comprehension and win number bond races, we've also kept our heart rates up by exercising while we hunt for Pokemon! Why not hold on to them so you can keep catching them and stay active? Thanks to all the parents who helped with the scavenger hunt! Also, if you've been up to any other work, send it in - have a look at Daniel's amazing bear art that he made just using stickers!

Daniel's Brilliant Bear Art!

Almost finished with a whole week of remote learning, it's flying by and I can't wait to see you all in school again - just a little bit longer to go! While we're waiting, let's keep our learning up with super sentences in literacy, finding out all about the world of dolphins in guided reading, racing against the clock to ace some number bonds and in PE, well, we're going on a bit of a hunt! Good luck!

Amazing work today on the traditional tale of the Enormous Turnip, Mathletics number ordering, searching a fairy tale forest for those nouns (special mention to Olivia and Sophia who did a brilliant job explaining the difference between common and proper nouns!) and our super map reading skills on a place very close to us! Remember to keep sending messages for your friends!

Good morning Year 3 - we're already halfway through the first week of our remote learning, can you believe it? We'll be back in school before we know it, so let's keep up that fantastic learning! Today we're recapping nouns in literacy, reading a traditional tale about an unusually large root vegetable in guided reading, keeping our understanding of the 2 times table sharp (earn a certificate if you know them back to front!) and looking at somewhere we all know pretty well in geography. 
Some more great work for the Proud Cloud - we did a fantastic job thinking about how Bacup has changed over 130 years! Have a look what we spotted below.
Good morning and welcome to Day 2 of our mini remote learning! Today we're looking at apostrophes in literacy, those fun hovering commas, comparing numbers in maths and looking at how our own beloved Bacup has changed since the year 1890 in history. In guided reading we're writing a letter to our friends about the last book we read. Speaking of friends, if you have a special message for any people in the class, email it in and it'll appear in the messages part of our class page at the top!
Some fantastic work from Year 3 today, have a look at these brilliant examples of RE work on why people followed different leaders in the past! If you have a message for your friends, email it to me and I'll put it in our messages section above. You could let them know what you've been up to, or just that you're thinking of them and will see them after this short bit of remote learning! 

A sneak preview of Year 3!

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Looking back on Year 3 2019-2020

A little happy summer holidays ready for tomorrow from me and Miss Collins!

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We are a wonderful class that care for our environment and shoot for the stars every day.

Miss Stott and Miss Collins.

Just a little message from me and Miss Collins letting you know we're thinking of each and every one of you every day.

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