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Monday 30th November



In literacy today we are exploring sequencing instructions.


Why do we use instructions?


Watch this video


Can you sequence the pictures to show how to build a snow man?


Can you match the correct instructions?

Look carefully, which words might help you put them in the correct order?







In maths this week we are looking at fractions.



Watch this video


Look at the examples below.


Half means it has been split into 2 equal parts. There is 1 part shaded which is one half of the shape.


Quarters means it has been split into 4 equal parts. There are 2 parts shaded which is two quarters of the shape.



This shape has been split into 4 equal pieces (the denominator; the bottom part of the fraction). There are 3 parts (The numerator: the top part of the fraction) shaded which is 3/4 of the shape.


Have a go at the activity below.