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Wednesday 18th November


In Literacy we are exploring the features of Traditional Tales.


What is a traditional tale?

Think about the traditional tales you know?

What do they all have in common?


Have a go at out features of a traditional tale quiz to see if you have successfully worked out the features.


Features of Traditional Tales quiz


In maths are a focusing on ordering number from the smallest to the biggest.


To work out which comes first we need to look at the tens digit. The larger the ten digit, the larger the number.


For example;


24             13             42           34


We need to look for the smallest ten digit to find the smallest number


24             13             42           34


Therefore 13 would come first. 

Then we would look the the next ten digit.


The answer would be 

13, 24, 34, 42


See if you can have a go at ordering the numbers in the document below.