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Science Week

We celebrated British Science week in school today by completing 2 child led experiments.

The first one was to design a protective casing for an egg. We worked in groups and had a small budget to

purchase items. We then tested them fairly by dropping from the same height onto the same flooring and by the same person. (Mrs Rothwell!)

Some were eggsellent and others where a yolk and didn't survive the drop. 

Experiment 2 in the afternoon saw the children in different groups designing a balloon powered vehicle. They had access to an abundance of cardboard boxes, plastic tubs, lids and straws. They had to make a design which answered the questions...which goes further, a lighter or heavier vehicle? which goes further, a vehicle with or without wheels?

To find out the results we need to wait until Friday afternoon when they will race to see which group have the most powerful vehicle! 

                                                       Good luck everyone!

Evidence for experiment 2