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Remote Learning in Spring 2

Remote Learning at Northern

How Your Child Will Access Remote Learning in Year Six.


Please remember that this is an extension of the classroom and you must complete all activities set to the very best of your ability. It is important that everyone puts in the same amount of effort as they would if we were altogether in class so let's make sure we do. I am really looking forward to seeing the work you produce whilst you're off.

Your work can be submitted over Teams, emailed to me directly or photographed and then emailed on to me. I will return any feedback via Teams or email depending on how you submit it to me. I will always try my best to respond to any emails or work as soon as I am able between the times of 8am and 4.30pm during the school week. However my responses may take a little longer than usual outside of these times. On a Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning, I am on my leadership time so I may not always be near my computer screen. At these times if there is an urgent need then please ring the school office.

The government expects that you will still be online for your normal school day so I will always expect to see you on my live teaching sessions and sending in your completed work at the end of the session.