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Sum 2 Wk 4 Friday

Good afternoon everyone!


Well that's another week gone!  Only 3 more now until the summer holidays - it seems so strange saying that!  Well done for all your efforts this week - you have been superstars!  Mrs Dixon will be taking over the website on Monday and Mrs Ball, Mrs Holt and I will be back in school with some of you in our first 'Bubble' - we can't wait to see you and each other!   Don't worry - Mrs Dixon will be in on her normal working days too!


I forgot to mention this morning - Shooting Star this week goes to Arthur who has been in school a lot recently as a Key Worker child and always gets on with his tasks quietly and sensibly and produces super work!  Well done Arthur - it must be strange being in a class with lots of older children.


So, have a great weekend everyone - lets hope the rain sticks to coming overnight so that we can get outside!  


Take care, stay safe,


Mrs E xxx

Happy Friday everyone!


I hope you all have a great day today.  All the usual stuff to do and I hope you enjoy your topic task - build a robot out of junk (time to raid the recycling bins with an adult's permission of course)!  I can't wait to see the pictures!


Just a quick note about the next three weeks.  Myself, Mrs Dixon, Mrs Ball and Mrs Holt will be back in school with those of you who are returning for the last few weeks leading up to Summer Holls from Monday - we can't wait to see you!  We will still be setting the online learning for everyone (Mrs Dixon is back on here next week) as we will be using these tasks with the children in school as well so that everyone is receiving the same work tasks whether they are at home or school for consistency.  Because of this you may find that we can't reply to emails quite as quickly but rest assured we will still be checking in on everyone when we can and posting great work on our webpage.  If you do have an issue that needs addressing quickly, you can email Mrs Hill - and she will do her best to help.


So, have a great day today everyone and I look forward to seeing your work.  Remember if you don't have an assignment on reading Eggs it is because you have completed the Year 1 ones, so just carry on working through your lessons and maps and getting those certificates!  Well done to Elsie who got one yesterday!


Mrs E x




Hello all, Friday again! It was very hot again yesterday wasn’t it! Feels a little cooler this morning.


Now we are on the Robot topic I have another PurpleMash challenge for you today! Can you design a robot?


- Login to PurpleMash

- In search type MY ROBOT

- Click on the MY ROBOT icon

- Click Launch App


You can draw a robot and then tell me about it - what's its job, what's it made out of and what's it good at?

You can save your pictures – remember purple button at the top left of the screen with 3 lines. Click on MY WORK and give the file a name.

As Mrs Egan mentioned I will be back in school from Monday so I hope to see some of you then. If your working from home you can still send me your pictures or any work/craft you have done – I always enjoy seeing your work!


Have a good day and a fun weekend! Mrs Ball laugh