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Week 6 Tuesday

End of another day. I have been helping Toby with his work today. We raced through it without as much fuss. He was very excited as his new remote control car arrived so was finally excited about going for a walk....but then the remote control isn’t he’s very disappointed. ūüôĀ might be a long night! All your work looks great from today. I will add them to our gallery later. Hopefully the rain will stay away...

I will speak to all tomorrow,

Mrs Dixon


Happy Tuesday!

Morning everyone. Today you have more writing using the Lancashire plans on bunnies. The songs from yesterday were brilliant! Have a look at the gallery where I have added all your work. There’s another maths lesson on BBC Bitesize today for subtraction to 20 and a Geography lesson on Asia. I look forward to seeing your work!

Challenge of the day....

How many words can you make using the letters from Happy Tuesday. The letters can be moved around- lets see who can create the most!

Have a lovely day,

Mrs Dixon



Good morning year 1 – I have a Quiz for you today! It has questions that link to subjects and topics that we have covered this year. Let’s have a little competition and see who can get the most questions correct. I may even have a little chocolate prize for the winner – I will save it for when we are back in class. I’ll tell Ethan to make sure I don’t eat it!! 


Just write your answers on a piece of paper and send them to me by end of this week.


Here we go!!

Look at the pictures and answer these questions:


Question 1: What type of flower is this? (You planted one at school a couple of months ago)


Question 2: What colour is number 7 numicon?


Question 3: What is Mrs Ball’s favourite class activity? Is it 

a) Craft b) Music c) PE d) Maths


Question 4: When we did Bikeability what did we have to wear before we could ride our bike?


Question 5: In the story George’s Marvellous Medicine who shot through the roof?

a) George b) Grandma c) A gaint chicken d) George’s dad


Question 6: What bird is this?


Question 7: How many minutes are there in an hour?

a) 40 mins b) 30 mins c) 55mins d) 60 mins


Question 8: How many colours are there in a rainbow?


Question 9: What is missing  North, South, East and  W.....…….


Question 10: What month is Christmas in?


Question 11: What shape is this?


Question 12: What animal is this? (remember we had to draw one in science). Is it:

a) Possum b) Rat c) Hedgehog d) Gruffalo


Question 13: Which fairytale story is this picture from?


Question 14: Which colours do you mix to make pink?


Question 15: What were the houses made of when the Great Fire of London happened?


Question 16: What is the capital city of England?


Question 17: Do Polar Bears live at the North Pole or the South Pole?


Question 18: In ml, how much water is in this jug? 

Good Luck! 


Have a nice day, Mrs Ball! smiley