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Week 4 Day 5

Yippee 3:20! We have officially made it to the weekend. Well done for all your home learning pictures you have sent today....I will upload later and give you all a chance to finish off and send to me. Well done to all who have done their smiley faces. Mine is below....


I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Mrs Egan is in charge of the website next week whilst I continue staff training. I still will be popping on to see all your lovely work....Bye for now.

P.S. Next Friday is V.E. Day. Maybe have a think how you could celebrate....dress up, decorate your house....put bunting up...hold a street party (at the correct distance of course)!


Happy Friday! We have made it to the end of the week so you can now have 2 days off! I hope you all clapped last night for the NHS- we could hear fireworks and a band last night. We went out with Toby’s instruments so we were louder than usual. Today’s learning is a musical one on BBC bitesize and you might want to sing at 3 o’clock to the sing up song. The maths is a challenge of the week which I’m sure you will enjoy. I look forward to reading your Literacy work too today for the end of our work on pets. 

Shooting star ........Elsie. Well done for all your consistently neat work this week!

Challenge of the day

Have a lovely day everyone....

Hello Year 1, did you spot any birds yesterday?


Just a little Friday challenge for you today – how many words can you make out of:

Year one are amazing!


For example:

are, on, an, ear


See how many you can make!

Happy Friday, hope you all have a lovely weekend, Mrs Ball smiley