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Week 5 Thursday

We've reached the end of another day, and the end of our week! Remember, no home learning tomorrow as it's VE Day.


Our daily challenge is getting very exciting! Number 12 is in the lead with 73 points but very close behind are numbers 24 (65 points) and 13 (64 points). No challenge tomorrow, the complete score list will be added on Monday as there's still time for others to email their answers.


Our caterpillars have been very active today, but still no chrysalis. Surely there will be some exciting news to share on Monday!


Have a wonderful weekend,

Stay safe

Mrs Hill

Phew! Laptop working, thanks to Mr Hill before he left for work!


While I was waiting I was watching our caterpillars; they're definitely very wriggly this morning. I have uploaded a video so you can see them moving.


Today's challenge is Crack the Code, enjoy!


Still image for this video

Good morning!

I hope you're all OK? You need a little more patience this morning, I'm at home today but having laptop problems. Our challenge today is on the laptop so as soon as I'm able I will add it to our page. 

I can add our caterpillars photo as that is on my phone, they're growing so big but still no chrysalis!