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Friday Week 4

We've reached the end of the day, and the end of another week. Have you managed to get outside today between the showers?

As it's a Friday it is Shooting Star time........this week was a really tough choice, lots of amazing work has been sent but I've chosen someone who wrote their Literacy story and then asked their grown-up to video them reading it aloud and emailed it in. It certainly put a smile on my face listening to the story and I know Mrs Marr and Mrs Rothwell enjoyed it as well as I forwarded the email to them to listen to while having a brew! Well done William, keep up the good work!

How was the sing-along? Did you hear anyone else?

I have been keeping my beady eye on our caterpillars all day and no change yet! Keep your fingers crossed for exciting news on Monday.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend,

Stay safe

Mrs Hill

Good morning to a rainy 1st May, the end of our 4th week of home learning. In some ways I think it's gone really quickly, I'm wondering how much you have all grown? I know a few of you have had visits from the tooth fairy while we've been apart. I'm missing all these things you would come to tell me about.

Your tasks today are Maths challenges and a music percussion lesson. For Literacy I'm really interested in finding out which has been your favourite character and why.

Don't forget the sing-along at 3pm today, I hope you've been practising!

I was so excited to come downstairs to check on our caterpillars this morning; after one of them spending all day yesterday on the underside of the lid I was hopeful there would be a chrysalis this morning. But, it must have been teasing me as all four caterpillars are climbing on the sides of the pot this morning!

Your daily challenge today is another code-cracking task



Have a good day, I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Mrs Hill