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Overview for Week 1

Welcome to the never before attempted world of 'remote learning' here in Year 1.  The Year 1 staff realise what a difficult time the country is in at present and want to reassure you that we are probably feeling all the same things that you are, we are all parents and are trying to do our very best for every child within our class, school and own homes.  Hopefully the information and learning ideas that we provide you to deliver to your children at home will be straightforward and easy to process both for the children and you.  At least one of us will be online every day and will endeavour to always be digitally available during the school day to answer and queries or questions that you may have.  Keep your eyes on our webpage each day to see our latest updates and further helps and hints for the daily tasks and don't worry - we are all in this together and all doing our very best, it is all we can do.  Any issues, please feel free to email us and we will get back to you as soon as we can - if you send the email to us both, whichever of us is working at the time will respond. Good luck and stay safe - Mrs Egan & Mrs Dixon