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Week 7 Thursday


Happy Thursday!

Have you all got your plans ready for Friday Fun Family Day?

Check out the plans on Week 7 Friday and decide what you would like to do for the day.

Let’s have a look at what you’ve all been up to.



Sam has been a little superstar working hard and now has a slick new hair do! What do you think Year 3?
Mason had some wonderful descriptions of the characters in The Shoe People Episode.
Jackson also wrote some great sentences describing The Shoe People characters. He took advantage of the sunshine and headed outside for Reading Eggs yesterday! Great choice.
Isla did really well with the Literacy task and completed her topic task! Well done, sweetie. Brilliant way to present your findings!
Ben and Jack have been working hard on tasks in school!

Guess Who

You’re correct, yesterday was Mitchell!

Miss Collins’ Guess Who today…

This little girl is one of the smallest members of our class but her smile is huge and her laugh is loud! She is always happy and full of energy. She has wonderful manners and adds a beautiful little ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ to the end of any sentence. She gets lots of compliments off staff and friends when she has her adorable pig tails in for the day. Can you guess who?

Thinking caps on!


Following on from the ideas yesterday use the shoes that you found in your house to create your own characters for a shoe people story. Give each of your shoes and name and then create a house for your shoes to live in. Describe the house using adjectives.

For example;

Walter The Walking boots lives in a 4 storey house with lots of windows and lots of steep stairs it is all Brown except for the green carpet. It is a very muddy house and there are lots of oddly-shaped little stones, lying around on the floor on the furniture and on the window sills.

Now that you have created your own shoe people characters, you can create a comic strip including speech bubbles. What adventure will your characters go on?

There are some examples and templates below.




https://images.creative 10/Top-Angled-Comic- Page-Template.pdf



Thanks to Family Fun Day Friday this is your last chance to gain a silver certificate in reading eggs. Enjoy!




Challenge for everyone. There are some two-step problems here all involving money. I want you to do as many problems as you can in 1 hour.


Finding a question tricky? Pick another!


Tricky Maths


Carry on with your amazing end piece of work for the Romans.



Don’t forget to get ready and plan your Family Fun Day activities.

Bit of fun before half term begins!

Miss You!