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9.2.20 Remote Learning


Morning Maths Warmup!

Let's see how well we can remember that 4 times table - visit Hit The Button, click on Times Tables, then x4 under Hit The Answer.


Who will get the high score? I bet you can't beat 20...

Literacy - Planning a debate text.

We're going to start getting some ideas down for our debate text, linked with our topic - the question we're discussing is "Would it be better to live in the Stone Age than the present day?"

To set out our plan, we need a table that looks a little exactly like this:




I would prefer to live in the Stone Age

because … (3 or 4 reasons)

I would prefer to live in the present day

because … (3 or 4 reasons)



When we write our debate text, each of these reasons will get its own paragraph. In our plan, we're just after a sentence. We want the strongest reason for each side first - and it has to be balanced, that means roughly the same amount of points for each side.

Which points can you think of for and against? Don't be afraid of putting too many, because we can pick and choose when it comes to writing our text.

Maths - Rounding to Estimate

Today you need to log in to Mathletics where you'll have a new assignment - "Estimate Sums."


What we need to do for this one is estimate, which means have a good guess about what the answer is going to be, by rounding the numbers in the sum first. Let's recap rounding;


I always think of the 'Rounding Rollercoaster';

Or the rhyme; 


So we'll be rounding numbers to the nearest 100 to estimate.


221 + 382


221 -  the tens is 2, slide to the floor! The nearest hundred is the hundred down, 200. 

382 - the tens is 8, climb the vine! The nearest hundred is the hundred up, 400.


Lastly, add them! 200 + 400 = 600. There's our estimate! 

History - Stonehenge

Good afternoon everyone! I hope we all have our coats and a snack packed, because we're off on a school trip, to one of England's most famous sites of all, Stonehenge.


A 360° View of Stonehenge

Stand in the centre of Stonehenge - one of the wonders of the world and the best-known prehistoric monument in Europe. Visit Stonehenge:

Now we've finished our guided tour, thanks to English Heritage, we can have a bit of a free look around at the stones of Stonehenge. Whatever you do, don't draw on them, we're not insured for it.


Back on the bus home, time to write a postcard about our visit and what we've learned about this ancient monument. On PurpleMash, you'll find a new 2Do on Stonehenge.

Can you remember your first impressions of the size and sight of Stonehenge? What interesting facts did you find out? How big is Stonehenge, how old is it? How do we think these Stone Age people made something so impressive?


Speaking of making Stonehenge, can you make a model recreation of Stonehenge? You could make it out of Lego, play-doh, card, or even snow! Good luck, Stone Age builders!