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Week 11 Monday

Good Morning Superstars!

Did we all have a nice weekend? Get up to anything interesting?

I took MacDuff up to Scammendon Dam, such a beautiful place, we had a great time.

I keep forgetting to tell you when I'm in school and will be super slow replying to messages! So, I am in school this week and I will be super slow replying to messages. I'm sorry!


Okay, Let's get learning!



Listen/watch the clip below from Mary Poppins Let’s Go Fly A Kite:


Let's Go Fly A Kite - Mary Poppins (David Tomlinson)

Now watch this clip from the 2017 Wildwood Kite Festival:

2017 Wildwood Kite Festival

Wildwood New Jersey

Take a look at a kite festival in Lytham. Enjoy browsing through the photographs:

Which was your favourite kite? Why did you like that one? If you could design a kite, what would it look like? What shape would it be? What colours would it be?

Design your own kite and write a short description of it underneath.



We need more certificates guys! More dedication to Reading Eggs please. 20 minutes a day and 1 day you get to listen to The Enchanted Wood.



This week we're moving on to column subtraction! Watch this clip. Practise your column subtraction. Email me if you need any help at all because we can move back to drawing on a whiteboard and using Base 10 to help us calculate answers. 

Follow this link!


Our focus this week is the life cycle of a plant. You guys sent in some lovely work that showed a good understanding. Now we're going to focus on key vocabulary (new words) and pretty diagrams!

Let's do this!


I need you to note down ALL key vocabulary and write a description next to it. We need to remember these words.

How are your plants doing? Send a picture in! I'd love to see them! We'll update our diaries during the week!


Have an amazing day!