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Week 14 Friday

Good morning Year 3!

This is the last morning I can call you all Year 3! You'll be my little Year 4's after today!

How are we all on this last get up? 


Let's see what you all got up to yesterday...

Blair worked hard yesterday!

Jack sent in some pictures of the amazing things he's been up to. He also sent in a special little video for you all...


Still image for this video

Max worked hard on BBC Bitesize

Thank you for all the pictures. It's wonderful to get updates on what you've been up to. 

Okay, for the last time in Year 3... let's get learning!



Today, we're going to focus on one of my favourite poems. Simply because we never got chance to do it in class. Read through the poem below. It's called Ten Things Found In A Wizard's Pocket...

These are quite unusual items! 

I would like you to think of 10 things you think you would find in a wizard's pocket! 

Watch the clip below to help you think of some items...


If you gain your certificate today, I'm sorry but I don't think it will come through until next week! So, to save disappointment. I'd love for you all to listen to The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton. The link in on the Year 3 class page.

I would love for you to then have a go at drawing each one of the 3 children. 

It always amazing me how differently we picture characters when we compare our drawings at the end. 



Head over to BBC Bitesize using the link below to finish off this week's maths work. 



If we were in school, we would be doing something similar to the BBC Bitesize challenge today! Have a go if you can and you have all the ingredients! 

If not, why not have a go at looking at these two different images from the seaside. See if you can notice 10 things that are different...

Seaside scene 1

Well my lovelies.. come back at 2pm for special announcements. 

See you soon!