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Tuesday 5th January


Happy New Year everyone.


Why do we celebrate New Year? What kind of things do we do to celebrate New Year? Did you do anything to celebrate New Year? What time does the New Year Start? Do you know any English traditions for the New Year? Does New Year happen all around the world? Does everyone celebrate New Year in the same way? What are New Years Resolutions? 


Research and discuss with your grown up these questions?



New Years Resolutions are made so that people have something to look forward too or a goal they want to achieve. Since it is the beginning of the New Year, you can leave things in the past and try to change anything you feel is important or start something new you would like to try.


Can you make your own New Years Resolution based on something you would like to achieve this year?


Can you count reliably forwards and backwards from a given number? 

Have a go at this maths challenge. 


  • Ask your grown up to write the cards out and and place them face down. 
  • Ask your grown up to give you a 2 digit number. 
  • Choose a card and complete the task. If you manage to complete it correctly, keep the card if not put it back. 
  • Repeat with a different 2 digit number.