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Today you are going to be sentence detectives, checking that the sentences makes sense and have the correct punctuation.


We know what sentences need;



It is also important to do this.


Can you use your sentence detective skills to make sure these sentences are correct?


As well as punctuation do not forget to use your neatest handwriting and write on the line!


  1. my brother’s dog is called tess
  2. on sunday shewent to the park
  3. have you got a dress for the party
  4. toby and mark are going to spain in march
  5. did you sell buns  the at fair
  6. martha took her children tothe zoo yesterday
  7. sameera and i are going to town on Friday
  8. my mum hasa cat he is called tom
  9. when i go to the shop i will get some crisps
  10.  the titanic sank in 1912



Don’t forget to check those sentences.