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Wednesday 24th February

Good morning Reception Class.  I hope that you are having a lovely week.

Here is your learning for today - 

Maths -

I am learning to identify the number which is one more than and one less than. 

Paint the Squares - Interactive Number Charts ( 

Today we will be learning to identify one more than a given number. Can you help find out how many bees are in the hive? 

Bee Hive - More & Less ( 


Literacy/topic - 

How does the hungry caterpillar change in the story?  We are going to be learning about the life cycle of a butterfly.  Have a look at this clip - CBeebies EXCLUSIVE clip: Minibeast Adventure - Caterpillars - Bing video 

I would then life you to draw the life cycle of a butterfly.  Here is a picture to help you -  


As it is Wednesday there will not be a live session this afternoon.  Wednesday afternoons are for you to explore and experiment outside (depending on the lovely Bacup weather!)  Today, I would like you to have a look in your garden for signs that spring is coming.  Can you see any flowers starting to appear from the ground?  Also have a look under and rocks or plants and see what mini beasts you can spot, what do you notice about them?


Have fun Reception explorers!



Phonics -