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Friday 12th February

Good morning Reception Class.  This is your last day of home learning as next week is a holiday.  You have all done amazingly and we are very, very proud of you.  I hope you have a great time next week with your families.


Here is your learning for today - 


Phonics -


Maths - 

I am learning to use directional language 

Today I would like you to play a game with either your brother or sister or the grown up who is looking after you.  I would like you to follow their directional and positional instructions.  they might tell you to go under the table and then on the stairs.  Or turn right, walk forward 2, turn left, walk back 1.  See how many steps you can follow in one go! 


Literacy/topic - 

I am learning to make a poster. 

Today we will be looking at being safe on the internet.  After the live session, I would like you to use what we have learned on there to make your own poster to help others.  You could display this in your window.