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School Play Information

Good afternoon!

Hopefully, your child has brought home their lines for our Year 4 Easter Play! How exciting! They will hopefully have time to practise over the weekend!

We will be performing the play on Thursday 31st March 2022. This will be a recorded performance.

Due to the time constraint, we understand there may be need to have slight changes to outfits, please feel free to chat to me about this at any time either at the door or via phone. 





Large cardboard egg shapes, brightly decorated with an oversized bow attached - either headband on on the cardboard. 

Brightly coloured clothes underneath. 



Large rabbit ears on headband matched with fully brown or fully grey clothing. 



Dressed all in green with a flower headband or flower print on the top.


Chocolate maker

A plain white apron with a white hat. Smiley face on the back of the apron that can be flipped during the play. Plain clothes underneath.



Dressed in plain clothes - whichever colour they wish.