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We have been working hard to build a range of skills through continuous provision.


To develop our fine motor skills, we have shown good control in using different malleable materials such as playdough.  We created our own pirate island and added different  sea creatures.  We are now able to manipulate the playdough to create finer details in our models that we couldn't do before through patting, using knuckles,  twisting, pressing and rolling. For example Olivia  added a shell onto a sea turtle with a pattern on top. 


We have been learning to understand what we can find under the sea. We had a discussion about looking after the environment – what will happen to the animals if people throw rubbish in the sea?  Frankie thought it would be a good idea to create a poster reminding people to recycle.  Lots of children were concerned that sea creatures such as whales and turtles would be hurt if we threw plastic bottles and they made their way to the bottom of the ocean.


We have been make connections with the real world by conducting floating and sinking experiments. This has promoted our scientific thinking as we make predictions, observations and comparisons.





We have been busy in our seaside role play area.