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Week 1 Day 1

Well, Day 1 is complete, well done to everyone who has had a go at the different tasks set for Day 1, hopefully they have been manageable for you all although I am aware that the websites have been extremely busy and slow which is understandable.  We have done the same tasks with the children in school as have been sent home, to keep things as consistent as we can, as well as making the most of the good weather to get out in the fresh air.  Well done to Harriet and Lottie and their parent who managed to email in pictures of their work to show what they had done!  Super job!  Stay safe everyone, I will be back online tomorrow - 

Mrs E

Welcome to Day 1 of remote learning.  Hopefully the tasks for today are quite straightforward, the children should find them familiar as they link to the learning that we have been doing in school during the last couple of weeks.  To keep up links between school and your child, please email your child's completed tasks either as documents or photographs of their work and we will reply having 'marked' their efforts with a comment.  This will hopefully keep your children enthused knowing that we are still seeing what they are doing at home and that we are still thinking about them all, which we really are.  


Alongside the information on the weekly plan, below are some extra ideas that you could add into your child's day if you so wish, please don't see them as a list to achieve by the end of the day, they are just suggestions of other activities and ideas to vary the day for you and your child where needed throughout their time at home, be flexible.


1)  Make a rainbow - those of you on social media may already be aware of this idea, but it is a nice simple one that the children should enjoy.  The idea is to paint or make a rainbow and display it in the window of your house.  Other families and households do the same and then during short, socially distanced walks, children can count how many rainbows they can spot.


2) Your child will have come home with reading eggs login and password.  This is a fantastic resource full of games and books online that your child can use as part of their allocated reading time each day.  Mrs Egan briefly showed the children the site last week and they all completed the short assessment task so everything they do on the site will be pitched to their level.  It is a new resource to us at Northern but luckily we were able to get the children set up with it just in time.  Enjoy!


3) is a website offering free access to schools and parents during this time and is another ideal way to get your children to practice their phonics skills.  The Username is: march20 and Password: home


4) is another website with online reading resources for children.


5)  There will be live PE lessons on YouTube by Joe Wicks 'The Body Coach' every day at 9am 


6)  Harold the Giraffe is a character that we see in some of our PSHE lessons and he will be online each day too, giving a short daily blog:  Harold's Daily Diary.  He will be giving the children positive and fun messages about what he is doing to stay happy and healthy while he is off school away from his friends.  He will ask the children to join in with family friendly activities that will vary and be tailored to different ages.  Find Harold at @CoramLifeEd (Twitter) @CoramLifeEducation (Facebook) or


Hopefully you haven't been bombarded by too much all at once.  it will take time for everyone to find their feet with this, but just know that anything you do with your children is a win, nobody can do it all, we can only do what is best.  


Good luck,


Stay in touch!  Mrs E & Mrs D