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Week 13 Monday

Good morning Year 3s!

How are we today? 

My weather app tells me we're going to get a bit of sun this afternoon, let's make sure to place our plants in the sun so they can get plenty of food!

I'm in school this week so my replies may be super slow! Apologies if I don't get back to you quickly.

Let's have a look at what you lovely bunch have been up to!


Jack wrote a fabulous poem! He also sent in a lovely picture yesterday...

Blair has worked hard the tasks!

Sam also completed some incredible work!

Isla produced a lovely poem and drew her monster!

Ellie has been working hard!

Ready? Let's get learning!


Watch and enjoy the film Adventures are the Pits!


Adventures are the Pits - 2011 Animated Short Film

Return to the film again and pause it at the key moments identified in the chart below. This is to support tracking the character feelings across the story. As you pause the film at each key point, discuss the feeling word together, e.g.

Timing Feelings

0:15 mins anxious

0:23 mins thrilled

0:41 mins annoyed

0:48 mins overwhelmed

1:22 mins disgusted

1:50 mins determined

2:02 mins mischievous


Use the same timings as in the chart above and prepare a narration/voice over for each key point using the feeling words provided, e.g. 1. At the beginning of the film, the character feels anxious because … 2. When he rides the slide, the character feels thrilled because…


Continue this for each timing and feeling word. Write these in sentences remembering to check spelling and punctuation for each. You are now ready to play the film and provide your voice over for each key moment in the film. Enjoy! Share this with family members and me!



Reading Eggs! Or! You could use today's reading sessions to listen to The Enchanted Wood.



Will you be able to say your multiplication tables faster
than me in September?
Practise saying your multiplications tables as FAST as
you can up to 12 x … = …
For example…
1 x 5 = 5 "one five is five"
2 x 5 = 10 "two fives are 10"
3 x 5 = 15 "three fives are 15"

Use a stop watch to time yourself.



This week we're going focus on transition. I know you have me! But I'd still love to read all of these documents...

Today, we've got an 'All About Me' book.

Click on the link and complete all the pages!


Have fun!