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Monday 11th January

Good morning Reception Class!  I have missed you all so much and am so excited to be back teaching you all again.  We will have so much fun this week!

We will continue with the topic A Land So Cold and this week we will be learning about the Arctic and Antarctica.  There are some fantastic animals who live in these places and we will be learning a little bit about some of them. 


9:30 Live Teams for phonics introduction and information on how phonics sessions will now run.  Weekly phonics information is also available under the phonics groups on this page.


11:00 Live Teams for Maths.  Today we will be learning about teens numbers and recognising how they are made.  We will be watching this link together .  After this we will be looking at how we can make different teen numbers.  At home you can use pasta, lego, marbles or coins as counters and we will be looking at how 10 and 1 make 11, 10 and 2 make 12 and so on.  Ask your child to make a teen number and ask them to count out 10 and then add how many they need to make the specified teen number.  ( I will show this in the live lesson)


1:00 Live Teams for Literacy/Topic.  Today we will be learning about the emperor penguin.  We will be watching this clip - BBC iPlayer - Andys Wild Adventures - Series 1: 1. Emperor Penguins After this, I would like the children to draw their own emperor penguin and then label the key features.  Please encourage your child to spell the words phonetically using the sounds they have learned so far.  It is much better for your child to sound it out and have a go themselves rather than telling them how to spell it.  


In our PSHE learning today we will be thinking about how litter affects the area we live and the wider world around us.  I would like you to make a poster to encourage people to pick up their litter.  You will be able to find some examples on the internet.  You could then display these in your window.


Please remember to send pictures of your completed work as we will be displaying these in class.


Take care, 


Mrs Ewens.

Wow! We are amazed with your hard work today both at home and in school. Well Done Reception! ⭐️