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Can you remember what a noun is?

Watch this video to remind yourself.

Have a look around you, can you write some examples of the nouns you can see.



An adjective is a word that describes the noun.

Watch this video

Have a look at this example;




The word 'interesting' is an adjective. It tells us what the book (the noun) was like.

Adjectives can come before or after a noun.

The book she read on holiday was interesting. or She read an interesting book on holiday.

If you want to describe a noun in detail, you can use more than one adjective.

When you have a list of adjectives like this, separate them with commas.


She had a mouldy, smelly, overpriced sandwich.

Have a look at your noun table you created before. Pick three nouns and use adjectives to describe it.

Try putting adjectives in different places in your sentences to make your writing more interesting.