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Tuesday Week 4

Well, Year 2, something strange happened rained! We've not seen rain for such a long time! Lucas had to go and get the washing in off the line smiley

I hope you've enjoyed your home learning tasks today, I can tell you are enjoying the Literacy work as you have sent some amazing posters and letters today.

I've kept looking at our caterpillars and they are definitely growing quickly! At the moment one of them is eating, the other three are climbing up the side of the pot.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the day, until tomorrow, take care.


Good morning, where has the sunshine gone? You will need to send me lots of cheery messages to make up for the lack of brightness in the sky today!

I hope you are all well. You may have heard there is a minute's silence at 11am today to show respect for people who have sadly died as a result of the coronavirus. Talk with your families at home as to whether this is something you want to join in with.

Our caterpillars are growing well, I've added today's photo. I put a ruler behind the pot as the lid has to stay on all the time.

Today's challenge:

What shape am I? I have 5 faces, 6 vertices and 9 edges. If you need a clue, think of something Mrs Hill really likes to eat!

Your tasks today: continue with the Lancashire Literacy work. Grown ups it may be useful to jot down timings of when to pause clip to discuss; have the paper next to you!

In your letter use the wide range of adjectives to really show how the character is feeling.

Maths is on BBC Bitesize , more money work today. There is also a Geography lesson about France. We really enjoyed learning about Australia, I wonder what you will find out about France?

Have a good day

Mrs Hill