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Wednesday 3rd February

Good morning Reception Class.  Today I will not be delivering live lessons as I am taking part in a training course.  You will find all of your learning here though and I will still be checking your emails and looking at your work and pictures tonight.


Here is todays phonics - 

For maths today we will be looking at 3D shapes.

I am learning to recognise 3D shapes  

Today we are going to begin to learn about 3D shapes.  3D shapes are shapes which are not flat.  There are lots of 3D shapes all around us.  We are going to go on a shape hunt.  Have a look at the attached document and see if you can see anything around your house which is the same shape as the pictures.  When you have found something that is the same shape, colour it in. 


Literacy/topic - 

I am learning to write a sentence. 

Today we will be looking at where Masai tribes live.  Just like the Inuit people, Masai tribes often move their homes depending on where they are herding their cattle.  They don’t make their homes out of ice like Inuit igloos though.  They use dung and straw.  Some people in Kenya live in these homes permanently.   Why wouldn’t these houses be good for us to live in in England? 

Take a look -  


This session is to focus on speaking and listening skills.  Ask your grown up questions and also try and answer dome questions your grown up may have.


PSHE - Child Mental Health Week -