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Year 4 Eco Warriors

Year 4's Eco Warriors!

Millie and Sophia won the votes to become our new Eco Warriors. Isabelle has agreed to be our back-up Eco Warrior if ever needed. Well done!

In Year 4, we're looking to appoint TWO class Eco Warriors.

Children who are interested in the role have been encouraged to prepare a speech.


Points that need to be covered in your 'Why I should be an Eco Warrior' speech.

- Caring for the environment.

- How have you shown care for the environment?

- How can our school use less electricity/energy? Reducing the carbon footprint.

- Helping our local community with eco-friendly choices.

- How you would behave in meetings/conferences.


Speeches will be delivered on Tuesday 13th September 2022 and the class will vote for their Eco Warriors.