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Wednesday 16th December



LO: I am learning to write a set of instructions for a new game.


Today you are going to write your own set of instruction for a new game. Use the pictures or drawing you created Monday and sequenced on Tuesday to help you. 

Think about what a set of instructions need;

  • A 'How to .....' title
  • A list of equipment needed
  • Numbered instructions in order.
  • Bossy verbs and adverbs to start the sentences
  • The non-negotiables when writing including capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.


Join us on Teams where I will model what is expected or when you have a go on your own. This is our final piece of the English unit so show me what you can do.



LO: I am learning to measure and record time in minutes and seconds. 


Do some activities take us longer than others?

Lets find out.

Today we are going to estimate and measure how long it takes us to complete an activity. You will need a stop watch and the activity sheet in your resource pack. Look at the activity and estimate (guess) how long it will take you to complete it in minutes and seconds. Then measure it using the stopwatch to find out. 


Join us on Teams to check to support your learning and to make sure you know what you are doing.

Christmas Activities


Design your own toy

Can you design a new toy? 


Think about these things;

What it is called?
Who it is aimed at?
What does it look like?
What does it do?


Draw a fabulous picture and colour it in. Then write a description about your toy. 



My toy is called Runaway car. It is for children aged 3 years or older. It comes on a variety of colours including yellow, blue and red. It has black stripes down the side and black out windows. The lights shine brightly and it makes a loud engine noise. Runaway car does not like to be caught so when people come near it, it moves in a different direction. 


Use the Christmas writing frame in your pack to write and draw on. Don't forget to use adjective to make your toy sound exciting.


Elf yourself


Use the elf template to change yourself into an elf. Carefully colour in. Cut it out and attach it together. Then cut the middle of the face out. Add a picture of yourself to turn yourself into an elf.