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Week 12 Thursday

Hello! Good morning!

How are we all feeling today?

Let's have a look at what you got up to yesterday!


Isla worked hard to complete all of the tasks yesterday!

Ellie did a good job writing the story from the little boy's point of view.

Ollie also did a great job writing the story from the little boy's point of view!

Well done guys! Thank you for sending in your work. 


Okay, let's get on to some learning!



Think about all the different types of monster that you have looked at so far this week. Can you design your own monster? What will it look like? What colour is it? Is it large or small? Can it do something strange like twist off its legs or remove its head? Is it furry, scaly, slimy, soft or spiky? How many eyes/ ears/ noses/mouths has it got? What does it like to eat?


Draw/colour/ and label your monster with the ideas above. You could also make your monster with any craft materials you have available. Create a fact file for your monster. You could do this in the style of a Top Trumps card as in previous units. Include information such as:

Name: Age:



Diet (Food):


Special features:

Scare factor:

You could also include a short paragraph to describe your monster.



You could hop on to Reading Eggs. You could listen to The Enchanted Wood. The choice is yours!



You guys worked hard on this yesterday. Now, Try again today with the numbers 

807, 887  
 Say the number
 What is the value of the 7 digit?
 Round to the nearest 100.
 Multiply by 100.
 What is the difference to 500?
 Add 101 (what is the best strategy?)
 Subtract 19 (what is the best strategy?)
Now try this:
1 dragon sticker costs 26p. Alf buys 2 stickers.
How much change will he have from £1:00?
If you find the correct answers, what do you notice?
Write more questions / problems to continue the sequence.



Where would you find this flag?

Can you find 10 facts about the dragon on this flag?

Have a great day!