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4.2.21 Remote Learning

Spelling - Can you complete the sentences?

Morning maths - find your way out of these times tables mazes!

Literacy - Using Adjectives and Conjunctions to describe your 'Happy Place.'

Today we're carrying on looking at the Rights of the Child;

Article 24. Health, water, food, environment

Children have the right to the best health care possible, clean water to drink, healthy food and a clean and safe environment to live in. All adults and children should have information about how to stay safe and healthy.


As we've talked about this week, staying safe and healthy can also mean looking after your mental health. Mental health and physical health are linked - if you become too stressed without knowing how to calm yourself down it can impact your body, giving you headaches, tense and aching muscles, an upset stomach and even make it more likely for you to get ill as your body's defences are weakened. 


One way to calm yourself down is by imagining yourself in your 'Happy Place', closing your eyes and thinking about somewhere you were most happy and calm, with no worries. It could be on a holiday, it could be somewhere nearby, it could even be a special place in your house.


On PurpleMash we've got a new 2Do where I want you to draw your 'Happy Place' and describe it using adjectives (describing words) and conjunctions (linking words) from the word mat below. I want at least a paragraph telling me about this place - what it looks like, the sounds, smells, what you can feel.

Maths - counting in multiples of 50

Today we'll be looking at counting up in a number sequence using 50 - click on the link below to find out how it is linked to our 5 times tables! Can you complete the tasks above? Direct link to images is below.