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Week 9 Friday

Happy Morning

doesn’t sound right but I thought I’d try it out.

How are we all doing today?

Let’s have a gander at what you super smilers have been doing.

Jack has been researching the meaning of words and drawing some super flowers! He's also planted LOADS of seeds and there's a competition on in the house for who's plants will grow the best!

Sam has been planting lots of seeds! He also worked super hard on our sequencing work.

Isla has been doing some fabulous work on her number lines and she did well researching Martin Luther King

1.Luther was born to into religious home.2. His father intended for him to be a lawyer.3. He is said to have set off the Protestants Rerformation.4. He is famous for his 95 theses.5. The pope hoped Luther had committed heresy.6. Luther translated the New Testament into German.7.Luther married a nun.8.He is the founder of Lutheranism.9.Luther Developed Catechism.10.Exsurge Donnie’ was written in response to Luther’s opinions.

Miley has been working super hard on her literacy, maths and topic! Brilliant efforts Miley.

Right! Let's get learning!


During this week and previous weeks, you have explored a range of characters including:

Mr and Mrs Twit
Dr Seuss
The Enormous Crocodile
Flat Stanley
Robin Hood
The Shoe People
Mister Cleghorn
Mr Hoppy


Discuss and make a list of all the characters you have read about or viewed in film clips.
Remember capital letters for names of people!
Now select the characters you wish to focus on, e.g. four or five characters.
Make Top Trumps cards for your characters using
the information you have read.


View this clip about how to create Top Trumps cards from LPDS TV (up to 3:45mins):

Top Trump Cards

You could use the following categories for your Top Trumps cards, e.g.
Top Trumps Rating
You could also include a brief description of the character and the book they feature in.
Finally, choose your winner! Share this with family members and your teacher.



Final day of the week to get some eggs in and gain some certificates before our special announcement at 2pm.

Or, have a listen to The Enchanted Wood.



Ultimate super challenge today!

I’ve got a few worksheets here… the further down you go – the harder they get!

Who will complete the most?

Who will take on the ultimate challenge?

I’m excited to find out!


Loved reading about your plants so far, we’ll observe them again in a week’s time. Today, you’re going to learn some more vocabulary to help you write about your plants in great detail.

Follow the link to help you build on your knowledge of plants.

You’ll like this one. It’s all about poo.


ALERT – needed for next week’s experiment!


Food colouring

Please try and purchase these two items ready for Tuesday’s topic lesson :D

Have a super day!

Miss you.