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School Values and Ethos

Our Values and Ethos

Northern Primary School is located in the rural village of Weir, close to Bacup in the Rossendale Valley. We currently have 203 children on role from the ages of 4 to 11. We believe that the special ‘feel’ at Northern Primary is to do with our caring, friendly atmosphere. Under the leadership of the leadership team and governors, our school continues to develop in many exciting ways, providing a rich and quality experience for our pupils. 


At Northern, the school community seeks to develop happy and confident children who are challenged to aspire to excellence whilst caring for, and respecting, themselves and others. We are committed to providing an environment that will develop a happy and healthy child. We believe this is the key to encouraging each child to achieve his/her full potential and become a responsible and independent citizen. Our vision for Northern Primary School reflects a passionate commitment to learning and recognition of the uniqueness of individual learners. It is driven by our desire to offer the best possible education for our pupils in partnership with parents and the local community. This is the driving reason behind working towards becoming a 'Right's Respecting School'. At Northern, we are a Rights Respecting School and support the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). This is a set of 54 Articles that cover all aspects of a child’s life – civil, political, economical, social and cultural rights, all of which, children everywhere are entitled to.
We are duty bearers helping to ensure that the children of Northern and beyond enjoy and have access to all of their rights as set out by the UN Convention for the Rights of the Child
The children at Northern have worked together to create a set of values that they believe are the key to ensuring Northern is a place to 'Learn and be happy'. Each class has created their own class charter of values that they follow to ensure there is always a happy learning environment. These have then created the school charter of values:
            * Friendship                           * Forgiveness                              
* Collaboration                               * Self-belief                            *Perseverance 
 * Responsibility                               * Respect                    
            * Honesty                             * Compassion                              * Fairness                                
Our School Council motto which has been written by the children is:
We want to implement change to make our school even better.
We hope to create a safe and healthy learning environment.
We hope to give every pupil in our school a voice.
We will give full attention and support towards any pupils who have concerns of any kind.
We will work hard to ensure everyone is treated with the same respect and feels a valued member of the school community.
We constantly set new targets for ourselves and work hard to achieve them.
We ensure also that all children in school have their voice heard by holding regular class council meetings.
At our fortnightly meeting, School Council will bring up important issues.

I am extremely proud to lead a team that is enthusiastically committed to achieving high standards and providing the very best opportunities for the children in our care. Staff, supported by governors, work hard to: deliver a rich and challenging curriculum; to prepare children for future education; and to help them acquire the skills and enthusiasm needed to pursue learning for the rest of their lives.


Smile  ~  Nurture  ~  Believe   ~   Discover   ~  Achieve   ~   Aspire

Our School Improvement Plan Three Year Priorities