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Sum 2 Wk 2 Monday

Good afternoon!


I hope you have all had a good day and got on OK with the work.  Remember to email me pictures of your work and I can then add them to our gallery.  I would like to say well done to Ruby, Violet, Isabel, Lexi-Mae, Sam, Ebony, Elsie, Harriet and Brody N for all completing the Reading Eggs challenge that I set - Lexi-Mae also got a Reading Eggs certificate which I have added to the webpage so well done to her!  Also shout outs go to Noah, Aimee, Elsie, Rio, Archie, Brody N, Kian and Charlie for doing their two Mathletics challenges for today - superstars!  


I have been busy with lots of admin and helping my two girls out with their school work as usual!  The sun is shining now though so I think we will step away from the iPads and computers and pop out for a walk while it is nice!  


I hope you all have a lovely evening and I will be back tomorrow!


Mrs E heart

Good morning everyone!


It's me, Mrs Egan back this week!  How has your weekend been?  Have you had a good one?  Let me know what you have been up to, it's lovely to hear how you have all been getting on. It has been an exciting weekend in my house this weekend because yesterday it was my Liv's 8th Birthday! She has been excited about it all week and had a fab day yesterday even though we couldn't really do anything much because of lockdown!  She loved her presents and had her favourite tea - lasagne! We made her birthday cake together - chocolate - and then her sister Izzy decorated it!  It was very yummy! I hope you have all had a good weekend too!


Anyway - here we are starting another week working from home! I have put the usual overview on for you so all the links that you will need are on there.  I have also attached below the phonics list for any of you who might need it.  You have BBC Bitesize Maths, Lancashire Literacy and then BBC Bitesize History today so good luck - I can't wait for you to email me with your pics of what you have done.  Don't forget Reading Eggs and Mathletics too if you can! 


The Sing Up 'song of the week' is a Disney classic this week The Bare Necessities - if you like the film Jungle Book you will love it so check out the website and have a go! 


Extra challenge - Team Egan are thinking of getting a dog - if you could have any pet what would it be and why?  What would you call it?  Let me know!


Have a great day everyone, I'm here if you need me! 


Mrs E wink

Hi Year 1, hope you all had a lovely weekend.laugh


I’m in school all this week so I will be setting challenges from here smiley I may be a little slower to reply to your work but keep sending it I love looking at your challenges!


Today could you draw me a picture of you and your family? You could use crayons, paints, coloured pencils or use Purplemash if you like. You always draw great pictures of your family – you could draw me a picture of you out on a walk, sitting watching a film or playing outside.


Send me your pictures I love to see them –


Have a nice day, Mrs Ball smiley