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Suffixes – what are they? They’re a small part of a word that can change the meaning of a word. For example, if you add the suffix ‘less’ to the end of certain words;



The suffix ‘less’ there has changed the meaning to ‘without rest’.

There are lots more – for example, the suffix ‘ly’. Have a look at this clip and see if you can complete the quiz;

Of course, it helps if you can spell suffixes if you want to use them in your own writing! Log on to PurpleMash (if you don’t have your log in or password, make sure you email me!) and you’ll see a new 2do. A word will pop up on the screen which uses a suffix, then vanish. Your task is to rearrange the jumbled up tiles to spell the word correctly! Good luck, and remember it helps to break up the word into the root word and then the suffix, e.g. Restless I’d remember as the word “rest” and “less”.