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Place value is the value of each digit.

The value of the digit depends on where it is within the number.

Take a look at the 24. Each digit has its own value.

We have a digit in the one place and a digit in the tens place.

The number in the ones place always equals itself. The 4 is in the ones place therefore the value of the digit 4 in 24 is 4. It is represented by 4 ones cubes.

The next place over is the tens place. The number in the tens place is always ten times the value the number shown. It’s like counting in 10’s for the number you see. In our number 24 the 2 is in the tens place. It’s like counting in 10’s two times. Therefore, 2 x 10 = 20. The value of the 2 in 24 is 20. This is represented by the 2 tens blocks which equals 20.



This video will be able to explain further if needed.

Place Value Activity