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4.3.21 Remote Learning

Morning spellings - Pyramid spellings


To get to know your spellings a bit better, this morning we'll be building pyramids with the letters like this:

Morning Maths - Exploring the 3 and 4 times tables.

Log onto Mathletics for this morning's maths brain warm-ups - you'll have 2 new quests to get your recall of the 3 and 4 times tables even faster!

Literacy - I am learning to review my favourite books.

DT - I am learning to design a library.


A two in one for World Book Day! World Book Day 2021 might be a little different this year, but we're still celebrating books and thinking about what they mean to us. In addition, we're thinking how World Book Day links to our Rights Respecting Schools. Confused what rights have to do with books? Let's have a look;


With these rights in mind, we've got two tasks for World Book Day.

The first is a personal one to you - 5 books that changed your life. Which books have you used to access your right to Article 31, and which did the best job? Log on to PurpleMash - you'll have a new 2Do on creating a leaflet to tell me all about these 5 books. You could draw a scene or a character from these books, with a brief paragraph on why you enjoyed it so much.  Here's some children explaining their favourite books of 2020 - are any of them on your list?

Waterstones Children's Book Prize 2020

Drum roll please šŸ„šŸ„³3 shortlists that celebrate the best new writers and illustrators creating books for children of all ages. Discover more about the Water...

Our second task is a design & technology one - I want you to design the world's most fantastic library that promotes all these rights - easy access to information, a place for fun and leisure, developing education and respect for different cultures around the world. On PurpleMash, you'll have this as a 2Do. I want you to draw your design and label it with text boxes. Which different sections will your library have? Will it have any special features to help children access Articles 17, 29 and 31?


Watch this video on the most amazing libraries in the world for a bit of inspiration!

The 15 Best Libraries In The World

Libraries can be found across the entire globe. Some are modern and while some date back hundreds of years ago. Some focus on one type of literature and othe...

Maths - I am learning to compare and add masses.

Today we'll be looking at grams and kilograms, used to measure weights. But what are grams and kilograms? What would weigh 1 gram, what would weigh 1 kilogram? What's the difference?

Fortunately the Chuckle Brothers have us covered;


Now let's have a look at comparing masses of grams and kilograms;


So, what weighs more? 400g or 4kg? The first step is to convert these weights to the same unit - I think it's easier to turn kg into gs, because we know that 1kg = 1000g, so 4kg = 4000g. We know 4000 is quite a bit more than 400 - so 4kgs is heavier.


A quick recap on > and <

Bigger number > smaller number

Smaller number < bigger number.


The 'open' end always points to the bigger number. Can you compare these weights? 


Brainbox challenge!

Maths2 is the Brainbox Challenge!


We will be continuing with looking at stereotypes but it will be about families.How many of these types of families have you heard of before?


We will be continuing with Bob Marley's classic song, Three little birds, so make sure your voice is warmed ready and you have your dancing shoes on!