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Safer Internet day

This week we talked about how to keep ourselves safe on the internet. We discussed our favourite things to do on the internet and were shocked at how often we use the internet each day (sometimes without even realising!)

We compared what computers, phones, gaming devices and so on used to look like and be able to do to what our devices can do. We were shocked to discover that Mrs Regan is older than Google but our minds were completely blown when Mrs Breen announced that the internet and mobile phones didn't exist when she was younger!


After learning about this, we moved on to discover the persuasion techniques that App and Game companies use to convince us to give them our time and money. We discussed which could be dangerous and which are okay. 

We also talked in depth about the positive and negative influence that friends, strangers and companies can have on us via the internet.


But most importantly, we learnt what to do if we see something online that doesn't feel safe or makes us feel uncomfortable.