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28.01.21 Remote Learning

Maths puzzles - the second one is for brainboxes only (you know who you are!)

Spellings activity


We've got another poetry task for us today - we're turning Stig of the Dump into a poem! But not just any poem - log on to PurpleMash and you'll have a new 2do set. We want an image from Stig of the Dump, two lines of poetry underneath with rhyming couplets and similes!

What is a rhyming couplet? This is where you make sure your lines end with two words which rhyme, e.g.

A boy named Barney went exploring in a cliffside made of chalk,

He was so bored of his grandmother's he decided to take a walk.


What's a simile? Click this link to find out! You can even use metaphors if you're feeling particularly poetic. I'm expecting at least 8 lines in total.


We're carrying on our work on 3D shapes and looking at their properties. Below, you'll see a link to some nets for common 3D shapes. What I'd like you to do is build them, then tell me - how many faces, edges and vertices does each shape have? They're handily labelled for you to count when you've made your shape.


If you fancy a maths challenge, we've got some more complicated 3D shapes underneath which aren't labelled.

If you can't print the nets, you can complete these questions instead: