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15.1.21 Remote Learning

Thomas Sangster [Stig of the Dump] Part1

Few funny scenes from Stig of the Dump where Thomas plays Barney. This continue in second part...

Maths Investigations

If you haven't finished your story plan that's what you need to crack on with this morning - here's my example from yesterday;


Bob – funny, likes telling jokes, an adult, creative. 

Stone – a hairy caveman, looks like a yeti, good at making things. Quite quiet. 



An abandoned, ancient mansion.  



Bob is visiting his fun and encouraging uncles very modern house in Hawaii. 



Bob – goes exploring and gets stuck and falls through the floor and gets tangled up in the carpet. Stone cuts through it with some sharpened wood. 



Stone needs a sink and a stove. Bob and Stone make a sink out of an old cupboard and bits of pipe, and a stove out of a metal barrel and an old grill. 



Bob has to go home so Stone gives him a painted rock to remember him. 


If you have finished, we've a grammar 2do to warm up those brains on PurpleMash.