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Week 13 Thursday

Good morning!

Hope we are all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning!

Let's have a look at what you lovelies have been up to...

Isla produced a gorgeous All About Me!

Ellie created a beautiful All About Me booklet and worked hard on her Literacy!

Thank you for continuing to send in your fabulous work!

I really love to see what you have been up to during the evenings and weekends too. 

I miss you all so much, makes it a bit easier knowing you're having a great time!


Okay, let's get our thinking caps on.



Watch and enjoy the film The Lego Story:


The LEGO® Story

Pause the film at these points and write notes about Ole Kirk Kristiansen – the creator of Lego. Write a few sentences for each section to summarise what you have found out.

Remember to discuss any new vocabulary which you hear together.

1:14 mins

4:46 mins

5:37 mins

7:49 mins

9:58 mins.


Have a look at The Lego website to read some more information:



(When you click on this link, if presented with two options, click on the blue side of the screen). Explore the timeline on this web page together up to the 1950s. Together, discuss the information from the film and the website.



Reading eggs! Reading eggs! Reading eggs!

There's not many certificates to place on the website tomorrow. I'd love some more!



Jump on Mathletics and choose TWO tasks you'd like to do today. Better than me choosing for you :)



This afternoon, I would like you to complete the memories worksheet below. My, it seems so long ago since you were all sat in front of me with those big smiley faces! Hopefully, you'll all remember something happening in class or in the playground, during a lesson or at the start of the day. Even if it's about getting your work on the proud cloud or winning a game of around the world. Can't wait to read them!


Have a super, smashing, great day!

Miss you!